Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cheeky Checklist: January 2011

I can't avoid the beauty hazards of a harsh midwestern winter, and most of this month's Cheeky Checklist products are less fun and more necessary.

Who could live in the midwest without Bio-Oil? This do it all product works wonders for dry, chapped skin but has also helped me remove my makeup when I'm stuck with particularly pesky mascara or eyeliner. There's something wonderfully wintery about the scent as well: a comforting cinnamon fragrance that's hard to say no to when its lower than 20 degrees outside! 

C.O. Bigelow's Winter Lemon is described as a "delightful new winter fragrance [that] combines sparkling lemon notes, velvety winter fig, sweet black currant and warm, sensual undertones of musk, rose and sandalwood." For someone who is utterly incapable of successfully describing the fragrance notes in a perfume, the aspect of this scent that attracted me was its mix brightness and muskiness. Winter Lemon mixes a wonderful fresh citrus scent with a warm and cozy by-the-fire fragrance. Perfect to cheer me up on a snowy day, but also seasonally appropriate.

My wild hair becomes even more wild and unruly than usual during the winter. The wind, the snow that freezes and thaws my waves, and the bitter cold in general leaves my hair dry and knotted. Enter Franck Provost Masque Professionel perhaps one of the best products I picked up while in France last summer. I received a sample in a magazine and tested it out my last night there and didn't have time to pick it up prior to going to the airport. Thanks to my friend Kristina who was in Paris at the same time, I own an enormous 400 mL tub that won't run out anytime soon.

Last but certainly not least, Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment. This product is a nice remix of the original as the scent remains the same (the factor that makes all versions of this product equally as comforting to me), however the tint changes slightly. When I whip this out of my bag and apply as the snow flies I find that I get all the benefits of the original Sugar Lip Treatment with the added bonus of a kiss of berry, plum color seemingly invented for January.

What products are in your checklists this month?