Thursday, March 17, 2011

NOTD: No More Waity Katie

I received the bottle of Butter London's No More Waity Katie that I ordered and have been all waity for this past week. I was a bit surprised; after all the reviews I've read I was expecting something a bit different than I received.

No More Waity Katie is a light purple verging on periwinkle. For some reason I expected the glitter to be a different color than the polish, but when applied the glitter is also a light lavender purple.

 I hope the close up shows the polish a bit better than the promo pictures. As you can see the glitter is in fact the same color as the nail polish.

On the nails, No More Waity Katie looks a bit like a bluer version of LancĂ´me's Le 54. Of the two I definitely prefer No More Waity Katie as Butter London's formulation moves toward being opaque after two coats, as opposed to the four necessary for Le 54.

But ... I was not impressed with the formulation. I've absolutely adored my other Butter London Polishes and hailed them as my HGs, but this one is goopy and clumpy. During application the polish wasn't smoothly coming off the brush as I dipped it in the bottle to get more product, instead it collected awkwardly making the application somewhat uneven. 

Perhaps I had my hopes set too high for No More Waity Katie, and lets face it ... I've been a bit nuts about things pertaining to the royal wedding, though I'm not sure why. I was expecting the color to be a bit different which was a disappointment I could live with, but the clumpy formulation really let me down. Nonetheless, this color is excellent for spring and I would be lying if I said I won't use it in the future.

Have you tried No More Waity Katie?