Sunday, August 14, 2011

YSL Rouge Volupté Perle: Orange Incandescent & Celestial Mauve

After seeing Yves Saint Laurent's new Rouge Volupté Perle releases for Fall 2011 on two of my favorite blogs, Don't Call Me Jessie and The Glitter Geek, I knew I had to get my hands on a few of these beauties. After much consideration I settled on #110, Orange Incandescent, and #108, Celestial Mauve.

I've been absolutely in love with bright red, oranges lately so I knew that Orange Incandescent was a must have. I spent a bit of time deciding between Celestial Mauve and Beige Impetueux before finally selecting the mauve shade. I'm not 100% certain I made the correct decision for my skin type, but you can be the judge of that shortly.

(Left to right): Orange Incandescent, Celestial Mauve

I've never been able to make up my mind about the packaging of YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks. There is something wonderfully luxurious about the case: nothing says ladylike more than weighty, gold packaging that clicks like a castanet when it's closed. On the other hand, I tend to gravitate toward sleek lines and subtly designed packaging. For this reason I occasionally feel like the Rouge Voluptés are a bit over the top. 

Something noticeably lacking on the newer Rouge Volupté packaging is the trademark mirrored top (not pictured). My older Rouge Volupté's have a small, circular mirror embedded in the top of the lipstick cap, a feature that is undeniably handy when one is applying such a creamy lipstick.

(Left to right): Rouge Volupté #27 Rose Paris, Volupté Sheer Candy #02 Dewy Papaya, Volupté Perle #110 Orange Incandescent, #108 Celestial Mauve

These lipsticks are amazingly smooth, an aspect of YSL's lipsticks that is a true love it or hate it feature. While I find the Rouge Voluptés to be magnificently moisturizing and flattering on my always dry lips, others dislike how they seem to slide right off the lips.

(Left to right): Celestial Mauve, Incandescent Orange

I had to take a page from Don't Call Me Jessie's book and post a picture of my hand post swatch. Orange Incandescent is very pigmented, and leaves behind a beautiful stain on the lips. Though this feature may not be for everyone, I find that it subtly extends the wear time of a lipstick and causes the gradual fading to appear far more subtle than it otherwise would. When I wear lipsticks that leave a stain I often apply only once in the morning and enjoy the color left behind for the rest of the day.

Though Celestial Mauve is undeniably beautiful, I'm not sure I love it on my skin tone. I'm very pale and have cool toned skin, so I think I'll have to very consciously plan how I'll be wearing this lipstick. Perhaps dabbing the shade on will render it more wearable? What are your thoughts?

Celestial Mauve on my lips.

Orange Incandescent, on the other hand, was love at first sight. The shade is exactly what I've been craving for the end of the summer/early fall and is a refreshing twist on classic red. 

Orange Incandescent on my lips.

The stain left behind on my lips after wearing Orange Incandescent reminds me a bit of Beauté's Flouron Liquigel Stain, and looks absolutely magnificent under a clear gloss.

Orange Incandescent stain.

I'm truly a lover of Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupté formula, and apart from the shorter than average wear time I don't have many negative comments to make about these lipsticks. I remain a bit uncertain of my color choice with Celestial Mauve: I think I'll diligently play with the shade a bit before I make up my mind. One thing is for certain: I don't think it will be long before #107 Beige Impetueux joins the two shades I already own!

What are your thoughts? Will you be trying YSL's new Rouge Volupté Perles?