Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring's Neon Pink Rivalry: Dior Rosy Glow and NARS Gaiety

What is it about neon pink blushes that really lights up the face? Even before I truly got into makeup, I was attracted to ultra bright pinks as a way to create a natural flush on my cheeks. My first purchase was Smashbox’s Blush Rush in Radiance a completely matte pink. Unlike neon lipsticks and shadows that have a tendency to wash my complexion out, Radiance had the magical effect of making me look lit from within and very glowy. When I discovered that NARS was releasing a matte, neon pink with their Spring 2012 collection I was initially on the fence, but ultimately caved in to the hype.

I’m thrilled that I chose to purchase Gaiety, despite the fact that I suddenly took an interest in Dior’s new Rosy Glow almost immediately after my NARS blusher arrived. Dior’s Spring 2012 blush has the added benefit of custom adjusting to your skins pH to create the perfect pink glow. Partially because I cannot resist a good neon pink blush for the natural flush effect, and partially because I located very few comparison swatches between Gaiety and Rosy Glow I ended up purchasing both.

The packaging that houses Rosy Glow reminds me quite a bit of Aurora with the exception of the fact that the applicator is contained within the compact. In the pan, Dior's Rosy Glow is completely matte. The powder is incredibly soft to the touch and very finely milled. Though the blush smells of roses, the fragrance is barely perceptible almost immediately following application.

At first glance, and perhaps to the glance of someone not quite as addicted to cosmetics as myself, Rosy Glow and Gaiety appear almost identical with the exception of packaging differences. Closer examination however reveals a few subtle dissimilarities. Most significantly, Rosy Glow is quite a bit cooler than Gaiety so much so that the product appears to have lavender undertones.

When these products are applied to the skin the differences become more pronounced. Please keep in mind the fact that my swatches of Rosy Glow may not be accurate to how the blush will appear on your own cheeks given the fact that the product is meant to create a custom flush. On my skin, Rosy Glow remains quite cool and though the blush is not at all shimmery the lit from within effect becomes evident almost immediately following application. It is clear below that Gaiety remains much as it appeared in the pan, and the fact that it is a slightly warmer shade of neon pink becomes more obvious.

(Left to right): Dior Rosy Glow, NARS Gaiety, Smashbox Radiance

(Left to right in direct sunlight): Dior Rosy Glow, NARS Gaiety, Smashbox Radiance

Though I know I will use both Rosy Glow and Gaiety, in retrospect I wish I'd only purchased Dior's Spring release. Perhaps I'm just suckered in by qualities that some would call "gimmicks," but I quite like the fact that Dior's offering adjusts to my skin tone. Though Gaiety is absolutely lovely it's missing something that Rosy Glow seems to have: I might go so far as to say that Dior's blush fits my skin tone like a glove.

Have you tried Dior's Rosy Glow or NARS Gaiety? Which would you choose if you had to pick only one?