Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anything But Ordinary: Burberry Pale Barley

For months now I've read reviews written by bloggers that I respect raving about the magnificent quality of Burberry products. Though I'm not lucky enough to have a Burberry makeup counter near me, I've made several visits on different occasions and consequentially have quite a lengthy wish list. When trying a new brand I often either select a wearable shadow or a blush as these two products see the most use as far as my makeup routine is concerned.

Though many of Burberry's offerings stood out to me, none seemed more perfect for a first try than the lovely seemingly ordinary Pale Barley eyeshadow.

I've long loved Burberry's design sensibilities and the packaging of their cosmetics is as elegant and graceful as their signature plaid. The exterior box is a thick, simple cream much like one of the brand's trench coats. Though I didn't take any photographs, the compact itself is a heavy duty gunmetal material with Burberry's emblematic plaid embossed on top. I find the packaging high quality and Burberry seemed to know where to stop. Rather than adding large script or unnecessary color they've chosen to keep the packaging classy and understated.

As is to be expected the quality of the shadow itself is incredible (and I mean A+ incredible). No review could prepare me for how utterly incredible the texture of this product is to the touch. I often describe powder shadows as being "buttery" or "smooth," but no adjective better sums up the feeling of Burberry's shadows than "velveteen."

On top of the magnificent texture of the shadow, Pale Barley is out of this world in terms of color. Perfect for neutral lovers, this shadow is easy to underestimate. In the pan it looks relatively unimpressive: a flat, unassuming brown with questionable pigmentation and no shimmer.

A swatch, on the other hand, reveals complexities in the color undetectable when the shadow remains unswatched. Pale Barley is darker than champagne and lighter than brown. Though the shimmer is illuminating it certainly doesn't overwhelm the color itself and adds a reflective golden appearance to the product when applied. 

(Left to right): Pale Barley swatched heavily, Pale Barley blended

I find Pale Barley to be the type of shadow that can appear quite complex when worn on its own. The shade is so dimensional that it adds enough depth to the eye makeup to make it look subtly "done up." I'm madly in love with Pale Barley as I predicted I would be, which is perhaps why I held off on purchasing for so long. I have quite an extensive list of Burberry shadows I'd like to add to my collection, and there may or may not be a few blushes calling my name.

Have you tried anything from Burberry's wonderful cosmetics line? Do you have any recommendations?