Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Modern Vintage: Estée Lauder's Mad Men Collection

I have a secret to confess: I’ve never actually watched an episode of Mad Men. The show seems wonderful, and I’m certain that the magnificence of this collection will force my hand, but I’ve never been one to follow television series and even a show as resplendent as Mad Men is not immune. Though I can resist the allure of the television, we all know I’m not capable of resisting the allure of a well executed (and edited) makeup collection. Estée Lauder has recently released a two piece collection inspired just as much by their own cosmetic history during the 1960s as the series itself.

I skipped the lipstick (wonderful swatches are available on Danielle’s lovely blog Bloomin’ Beauty), though it looks absolutely gorgeous, and honed in on the blush in Evening Rose.

From the box the product comes in, to the gold protective sleeve, to the compact itself all are absolutely lovely and speak to a luxurious golden age of cosmetics. The box immediately reminded me of a vintage wall paper pattern one might find in a ladies sitting room: the combination of soft blue, cream and gold truly captures the design sensibilities of the era.

The quality of the blush itself is perfect. Evening Rose is undoubtedly a crème rouge that can be used both on the cheeks and on the lips. The texture, unlike some crème blush and lip products I’ve met with, is neither too thick and oily nor too waxy and difficult to apply—Estée Lauder seems to have gotten the texture just right. I find this product incredibly easy to blend on the cheeks and apply on my lips.

I quite enjoy the fact that Estée Lauder’s Mad Men collection featured only two products. Not only does the small carefully selected offering speak to a time in history during which there was not a vast selection of products and shades available, but it’s also simply refreshing. In our very modern world of limited edition releases, blue and black lipsticks, and collection after collection I enjoyed seeing a simple offering that presented two strong products.

Will you be purchasing either of the items from Estée Lauder’s Mad Men collection? If you could commission a makeup collection by any brand inspired by any television show which would you choose? On my part, I’d love to see a MAC & Alfred Hitchcock collection! (Hey, a girl can dream right?)