Monday, April 23, 2012

Enchantée: Clarins Summer 2012 Enchanted Palette

Every now and then a makeup palette becomes more than just a medium with which to create art on the face and becomes an objet d'art in and of itself. Clarins have done just that with the release of the Enchanted palette, the show piece of their much anticipated Summer 2012 collection. From the moment I saw promotional images of the palette I was hooked. Not only are the colors alluring and perfectly evocative of a summer sunset, but the ephemeral patterns embossed in the shadows themselves are stunning.

One doesn't have to look hard to see the muse for this palette. Inspired by "exotic travels" the mix of deep browns, bronze, shimmering coconut and indigo pairs perfectly with the palette's design.

I eagerly awaited the release of the Clarins collection and snatched up the Enchanted palette the moment it became available on Nordstrom. 

Packaged like other palettes offered by Clarins, the sleek silver case is housed in its own red velveteen pouch. In a world of black velvet pouches, the red Clarins has selected truly stands out. Where the Enchanted palette is concerned the deep vermilion shade contributes to the overall luxury of the product. Not a detail has been missed.

The silver case is embossed with various flowers and symmetrical shapes. The patterns match those printed on the shadows and liner within. Looking at it, I'm reminded of traditional southeast Asian artwork: particularly pleasant imagery for the summer months!

It was as difficult to bring myself to swatch the Enchanted palette as I'd imagined. The pristine beauty of the patterns is difficult to wreck! I did avoid ruining the prints for the most part, though I know they won't last forever.

As painful as it may have been it was well worth swatching to bring myself to actually use the palette. The quality of the shadows is absolutely lovely. The shades provide a rich wash of color that can be built up to create a more intense shade.

Clarins Enchanted palette in direct sunlight.

(From left to right): Rich golden bronze (top left of the palette), indigo purple (top right of the palette), warm true brown (bottom left of the palette), shimmering opal cream (bottom right of the palette), golden flecked liner (far right of the palette)

Bottom line: you need this palette for the summer months. From a collector's standpoint the beautiful packaging and well executed design make the Enchanted palette a worthwhile investment. On a more day-to-day level the Clarins Summer 2012 release offers a comfortable mix of wearable and colorful, familiar and exotic.

I must admit that I now also have my eye on the Color Quench Balm in Nude Dehli and the Kajal Liner in Deep Violet. Will you be purchasing any items from Clarins Summer 2012 collection?

Updated April 26th
If you've been lusting after the beautiful Enchanted palette due to it's stunning design, don't hesitate to visit the website of the freelance designer, Véronique Kechichian, who brought this magnificent palette to life!