Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The NARS Ramatuelle Trio, A Peach Lover's Paradise

NARS has released yet another exceptionally well put together seasonal collection. Summer 2012 is unexpected and traditional, refreshing yet wearable and just the right size. What initially struck me most about this collection is the lack of gloss. Any brand can easily release glosses for summer, yet NARS has played with expectations and released their own interpretation of summer. For NARS Summer 2012 is about seemingly mismatched but well thought out colors and easy or quick to apply products.

When I first saw promotional images the trio in Ramatuelle immediately captured my attention and imagination. Though more suited to my own daily use as eyeshadow than Spring's Douce France (review here), there's still something about this trio that suggests multi-use.

The Ramatuelle trio truly lives up to its namesake, a town in southeastern France near St-Tropez (image below). I can imagine one need only apply the peach shades and shimmering white with a rich turquoise liner to recreate the sunny Mediterranean feel of la ville de Ramatuelle. I have not been privileged enough to visit this French hamlet, though it's now on my "Must Visit" list!

Ramatuelle features three shades perfect for the summer months. From left to right the palette includes an extremely smooth opalescent white, an iridescent iced peach and a rich near orange peach. Though I haven't tested the wear time of Ramatuelle I couldn't resist playing with the palette right away. All three shadows look magnificent and add subtle depth to the eyes when applied together. Much as I'd expected the darker of the two peach shades makes a wonderful blush while its fellows highlight the cheek bones beautifully.

(Left to right): Opalescent white, iridescent iced peach, rich warm peach

To wax further about my love of NARS, I'd like to comment on how artistic the brand's seasonal releases are. Taking a typical summer color palette (turquoise, soft peach and cream) NARS has defied expectations leaving the rich blue of Ramatuelle's sea and sky to the imagination and allowing the colors of the city itself rather than the nature that surrounds it to stand alone. I appreciate to what extent the cosmetics from this brand are inspired by artists, people and places.

What do you think of the NARS Summer 2012 Ramatuelle trio? Do you find the rich peach shades more wearable than the raspberries offered in Spring's Douce France palette?