Friday, May 18, 2012

Korres Eros Coral Cheek Butter: Hit With Eros's Arrow

I absolutely adore the buttery and soft texture of Korres Lip Butters (like many of you, Jasmine is my absolute favorite) and was overjoyed when I heard the brand would be releasing a collection of Cheek Butters. As a blusher junkie nothing could be better than a new cheek product, and even more than that a favorite product becoming a cheek product. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive about the texture of the Cheek Butters. If you’re familiar with the Lip Butters you’ll know that they’re light, and almost bouncy to the touch rendering them lovely for the lips but definitely not something you’d want to put on your cheeks.

I was immensely excited to see the packaging Korres had selected. The Korres products I’ve purchased in Europe have been housed in more unique containers (see my review of this lip butter stick I purchased in France) whereas those available in the states are somewhat more sedately packaged. I prefer the European style and was excited to see that Korres had pursued a more ornamental route with this release. I'll be honest with you, I selected Eros Coral largely because the packaging is stunning and my favorite of the three available.

In Greek mythology Eros, the son of Aphrodite, is the god of love (you may recognize the more popular Roman moniker, Cupid). He must have been involved with the creation of this product because the texture is one of the best I've encountered where cream blush is concerned.

Though the following images are derived from the Roman art and society and not Greece, I couldn’t resist including them with Eros Coral as the product seems to fit right in.

Korres have truly hit the nail on the head with the formulation of their Cheek Butter. The texture of this product is considerably more firm than that of their iconic Lip Butters which soothed my initial concerns. In terms of consistency the Cheeky Butters are most like a cross between MAC’s Blushcremes and Stila’s Convertible Colors. The blush itself is firm to the touch yet creamy and doesn’t have nearly as much give as Korres Lip Butters do. The product blends like a dream as easily with a stippling blush as with (clean!) fingers. 

I most enjoy the subtle sheen left on my cheeks by this product, an attribute I don't often encounter with cream blushes. Oily skinned girls need not fear, as the finish doesn’t look shiny, just radiant. To explain, Korres Cheek Butters are not cream to powder, and as such they sets up on the cheeks while retaining their original emollient consistency. I looked healthy and glowing quite literally all day. I should note that I don’t have problems with blush fading as time passes, but Eros Coral held on even longer than many of my favorites.

I quite like this product, and I'm considering purchasing the other two shades (Philia Rose and Chara Crimson). I might even go so far as to say that the Cheek Butter formulation is my favorite cream blush, and I'm quite picky! If you're hesitant to dabble in cream cheek products, I would recommend this as a fool proof beginner product.

Have you tried Korres Lip Butter or Cheek Butter?