Monday, July 16, 2012

Blooming Cheeks with Lush Nectarine

After considering for what seemed like an age and a day, I finally took the plunge and purchased Laura Mercier's Lush Nectarine. I’d previously restrained myself because images of the blush reminded me a bit of NARS Liberté … along with the 300 other peach blushers that I own. (Still working on reducing that number!) Ultimately, Vivianna Does Makeup’s rave reviews about the product pushed me over the edge and I’m thrilled I purchased: the shade really isn’t like much else I’ve seen. I’ll put it this way, this blush is my new #1 favorite and—as far as I’m concerned—it's quite underrated!

How stunning is this shade? I believe I heard someone say that Lush Nectarine is what they’d expected from NARS Orgasm and Benefit’s Coralista and I completely agree. The shade is a more peach version of NARS’s cult classic, and a bit more grown up than Coralista which is a bit too pearly for my taste.

Something I quite like about Laura Mercier's line is the quality over quantity concept. Mercier’s blushers are the same size as her shadows, meaning that both fit into her innovative pro palettes. Rest assured if the size to price ratio concerns you ($24 for 0.13 oz): all of Laura Mercier’s products are quite pigmented and very little goes a long way.

Lush Nectarine is described as a "soft peachy coral," but on my complexion at the very least this is an unapologetic shimmering orange. From the moment I purchased this shade I haven't thought about wearing anything else. Granted, blush is my weakness and I'm a bit fickle, but this shade is a true winner. As an office dweller who doesn't tan naturally, Lush Nectarine gives my cheeks a lovely peachy, sun-kissed glow.

(Left to right): Lush Nectarine swatched heavily, Lush Nectarine blended

I cannot think of a single Laura Mercier product that has disappointed me to date. I'm thrilled to see the brand getting a bit more recognition on blogs and in You Tube videos as all items in the range are thoughtful and absolutely beautiful. I've been taken in by Lush Nectarine, a shade that's become indispensable to me almost immediately! 

Have you tried any of Laura Mercier's Second Skin Cheek Colour blushers?