Friday, July 13, 2012

Cheeky Checklist: July 2012

My very first post on this blog was January's Cheeky Checklist, my version of a monthly favorites list that I post closer to the middle of the month to avoid the deluge of favorites that occur at the end of one month and the beginning of the next.

The past and current month have been all about indulgence, new discoveries and skin care. As you will have gathered from my past post, I'm beginning to revamp my makeup collection to resemble that of a normal person (or at least as normal as possible for a beauty  blogger). Attempting to strike a balance between writing a blog but keeping my closet from looking like a hoarder's has been a favorite in and of itself! We will see how I keep it up: this post alone is proof that I'll never be able to stop buying and trying things! 

This past January I finally purchased a favorite I'd previously only had in sample sizes: Tocca's Colette inspired by the French author of the same name. Colette is the perfect warm and inviting winter fragrance, but a bit too heavy for warm weather. I picked up the magnificent Bianca to stand in during the summer months. Sephora describes Bianca as follows: "[the fragrance] opens with a light citrus blend of lemon orpur and mandarin. Green tea and rose petals bloom, while a whisper of musk and sugar linger on the skin, capturing the imagination."

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to score an untouched bottle of luxury hair care product Orofluido in Xiao's blogsale (Messy Wands). The fragrance is not unlike a vintage lip balm called LipIvo (originally released in 1903), very warm and rich--it will be perfect during the cooler months. Best of all, my hair simply adores it! Orofluido speeds drying time, adds shine and reduces frizz. What could be better? 

After six years (yes that's right, I purchased my original in 2006) I finally invested in a new Beauty Blender. Before you panic I should point out that my Beauty Blender only saw a year of heavy use during that time, but its lasting power is an incredible testament to this product! The Beauty Blender is a super sponge: I simply wet it and spackle my foundation on. As the water dries I'm left with a "no makeup" look, but my skin is left even and glowing. 

The Beauty Blender does last for six years, but I don't think I'll go that long until my next purchase! 

Last but certainly not least, I've been mad about curling my lashes this month. I tend to go though phases with lash curling and lately I've been foregoing liner entirely in favor of bold, long and defined lashes. I think I'll need to invest in a better curler ... my little inexpensive tool can't hold up to the heavy use! 

What products found their way onto your checklist this month?