Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté's Haute House Hues ... Finally Blooming on Getting Cheeky

Le Métier de Beauté is a brand that I’ve fallen increasingly in love with since I began blogging early in 2011. It helps that some of their products (Kaleidoscopes, for instance) remain slightly out of my comfort zone in terms of price which relegates them to my lust list, though I’m certain I’ll crack and purchase one at some point. Le Métier’s product quality is not to be beat, and from what I’ve tried I have yet to be disappointed. I’m a bit late to the party in writing about Le Métier's Haute House Hues spring lip set when the Indian Summer set has just been released, but given the fact that this duo of glosses is still available on the Neiman Marcus website I don’t feel as though I’m adding flames to the fire of unattainable desire.

The exterior packaging, though not at all reflective of product quality, has been impeccably designed. The classic and sleek black Le Métier de Beauté sleeve slides off to reveal a flower pattern somewhat reminiscent of Art Deco wall paper.

The packaging does a lovely job of displaying the otherwise simple tubes that house the Haute House glosses. 

Two Lips, on the top, is a peachy pink illuminated with subtle gold shimmer. On the bottom the bright cool toned pink, Mum's The Word, is the bit more daring shade of the two.

Le Métier de Beauté's Lip Crèmes are glosses,  and yet they aren't. If you haven't had the opportunity to test any of Le Métier's Lip Crèmes, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the texture. I would argue that these are somewhat more like liquid lipsticks in terms of consistency and pigmentation. Much like a liquid lipstick they apply almost too opaque and (though minimal) require a bit of blending. Once the product has been blended the color seems made for your lips.

(Left to right): Two Lips, Mum's The Word

Two Lips is a subtle, every day lip shade. I've worn the shade both with shimmering champagne shadows and smoky eyes and find that it pairs well with just about everything. Far from being a sheer, shimmery peach this is an opaque product that completely mutes the naturally bright red color of my lips.

If you ask me, Mum's The Word is the real standout of the two. The fuchsia shade is unapologetically bright without being obnoxious. Interestingly enough I don't feel as though I've found a better bright pink for my complexion than this one. I've worn it very frequently with winged eyeliner and very little else and it positively shines. 

For those of you that may find Two Lips a bit too muted, and Mum's The Word a bit too bold Le Métier's Lip Crèmes were born to be mixed. The Haute House Hues blend like a dream, and truly complement each other, though any other gloss from Le Métier's line would stand in beautifully if you're feeling particularly creative.

I adore Le Métier de Beauté's products because they feel a bit more like art supplies than they do beauty products. When applying these glosses I'm reminded of the consistency of water color paints, in the same way that their ultra pigmented, smooth shadows remind me of the joy of drawing with Cray Pas. It's this fun, artistic quality that will always keep me coming back for more with this brand.

Though I'm a little late to the party with the Haute House Hues duo, I'm thrilled I didn't miss out on these two lovely products. I was incredibly tempted by the Indian Summer set ... and that may find it's way on to Getting Cheeky before the true summer comes to a close.

Have you tried Le Métier de Beauté's Lip Crèmes?