Thursday, July 19, 2012

L'Orèal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks (UK Shades)

Despite the recent release of L’Orèal’s Rouge Caresse lipsticks here in the United States, I have an inkling that the formula is slightly different. Rouge Caresse made quite a splash in the UK where they were released earlier this year. Seemingly released to compete with Revlon’s new line of reimagined lip products from the much buzzed about Lip Butters to their new Kissable Lip Stains, the Rouge Caresse range offers hydration with a sheer tinted shine.

The lovely Cami of Cami Loves Kiwi was kind enough to purchase three of the UK’s most coveted shades on my behalf and send them across the pond. Though part of me is tempted to test the version available for purchase here simply for comparison’s sake, I’m so thrilled with the three I own that I’m not moved to purchase any others.

I should begin by explaining that the Revlon Lip Butters have never worked for me. You may have noticed that they’ve never been featured on Getting Cheeky, and that is because I purchased one almost immediately following their release (Crème Brûlée) that caused my lips to peel and crack. Thanks to my eczema my pout is a bit more sensitive than most, but the reaction seemed extreme. I gave it away almost immediately and haven’t purchased another. The Rouge Caresse lipsticks are what I expected when I tested Revlon’s cult hit: easy to apply, smooth and moisturizing.

(From left to right):  06 Aphrodite Scarlet, 301 Dating Coral, 07 Cheeky Magenta

Aphrodite Scarlet offers a subtle hint of red perfect for those afraid of a fire engine colored pout. To use Cami’s own description, the shade has a bit of a “1950s high school sweetheart” quality to it. I’m not always a fan of sheer red colors on myself as I find (at least on me) that they can look a bit dated. Aphrodite Scarlet manages to amp up the naturally red color of my lips and add shimmer without looking over-the-top. 

Dating Coral could be considered the safest shade of the bunch, at least for the coral lovers out there. It seems to be a bit more opaque than the others as the color completely covers the natural color of my lips (not quite what one would expect from a "sheer" lipstick). This pairs with just about every look and because it straddles the gap between lipstick and gloss so brilliantly, I've been wearing it non-stop! 

Cheeky Magenta was a surprise, and it's turned out to be my favorite of the three! To begin with, I'm convinced that it's named for me (*wink wink, nudge nudge*) which renders the color that much more appealing. On top of it though, Cheeky Magenta offers a comfortable way to wear a cool, blue based pink. Pepto Bismol shades like Viva Glam Gaga just don't work on my skin tone, but because Cheeky Magenta is sheer I can pull it off. 

Unfortunately the exact same colors are not available in the United States. While the shade range seems equally as extensive, and many colors may be parallel, you will have to order online or find a friend if any of the shades mentioned above tickle your fancy.

Have you tried L'Orèal's Rouge Caresse lipsticks? Which do you prefer, Revlon's Lip Butters or L'Orèal's new release?