Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Most Wanted: NARS Outlaw Blush

Though it’s true that I experience occasional frustration with the packaging (both the rubberized exterior and the pan that seems to encourage the product to shatter the less it contains) it’s no secret that I’m a complete NARS blush junkie. I own many of their permanent shades, several limited edition colors and the Danmari Palette. There is one shade, though, that I haven’t yet been able to get my hands on: the illustrious and hard to find Outlaw.

I’ve heard many raves about the color that is essentially a glistening raspberry. If you’re familiar with NARS blushers, though, this shade seems like a cross between Mounia and the cult favorite Orgasm. I almost always gravitate to deep berry and heather shades during the autumn, so the re-release of this product with the Fall 2012 collection seems like a stroke of genius.

Though this blush is perhaps not as smooth to apply as others in the NARS range, I don’t find the texture to be chalky or difficult to work with. One swipe across its surface and I picked up a generous amount of pigmentation. Blending this blush is a must as the shade is easy to overdo, and again I experienced no problems. The shade wears well on my skin (six to eight hours) though combination to oily skinned NARS lovers may notice that the color fades more quickly.

As you can see below the shimmer in Outlaw is not glittery, just glowy. At times I find NARS Orgasm a bit too much (perhaps because I tend to favor it when the weather is already warm and I'm looking naturally ... dewy), but there's something about an illuminating deep toned blush during the cooler months that truly picks up the complexion. 

I noticed a few concerns about Outlaw on Twitter, but from my own experience with the product there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you're looking for a luminous raspberry blush well suited for the autumn and winter months then look no further! Perhaps it's just me, but this particular combination of deep pink and gold glow is difficult to find. 

Have you tried NARS Outlaw blush? What items did you purchase from the Fall 2012 collection?