Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Requests: MAC Jeté & Moth Brown

I've been so proud of my restraint with MAC limited edition collections that I celebrated by purchasing two shadows from the By Request collection. Sickly ironic? Yes. Nevertheless, both Jeté and Moth Brown are shadows that haven't been released in recent memory. For a cosmetic company that repromotes products regularly, the rerelease of these shades is quite an event. Both are extolled for their unique beauty and quality, and both are as beautiful as I'd imagined.

(Left to right): Jeté and Moth Brown

Jeté was originally released with the Danse collection in 2006. MAC describes Jeté as a "sandy coral," but in my opinion the shadow is a slightly rosy version of All That Glitters.

Moth Brown was released for the first time in the now iconic Barbie Loves MAC collection of 2007. MAC describes Moth Brown as a "soft metallic gray/brown." The shade is unexpectedly purple and (to abate concerns) doesn't resemble Satin Taupe in the slightest. 

Both shadows are smooth and fairly pigmented given their finishes: Jeté is a Veluxe Pearl while Moth Brown is a frost. I'm thrilled with the fact that the shades unexpectedly coordinate or stand alone. While Jeté is a deeper, more complex All That Glitters that I'll be sure to turn to this fall, Moth Brown is yet another stellar shadow that all taupe lovers must own. 

(Left to right): Jeté and Moth Brown

I wanted to rush to post this review as both Jeté and Moth Brown are still available on MAC's website as I write. Though the bright green Guacamole is out of my personal comfort zone, the shade seems popular enough to worth mentioning that it is still available as well.

Did you purchase any products from MAC's By Request collection? What limited edition MAC product would you bring back?