Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seven Things Sunday

I tend to gage time in an unusual way, and judging by Seven Things Sunday posts (which are posted at sporadic intervals) it's hard to believe that the summer has passed so quickly! As a refresher (not that it's needed ...) I wrote the first installment of "Seven Things on Sunday" and explained that this series is a way for me to present you with a current list of things I'm loving, liking or (very rarely) disliking.

One. My Candle Wish List. Very suddenly I've developed quite expensive taste in candles (shhh, don't tell my husband). With cool, crisp weather on it's way it's hard not to purchase any number of lovely candles that fill the house with a sense of warmth ... both emotional and sensory. 


Two. Curiosity. Though curiosity goes hand in hand with my following love of new skin care (below), I've become interested in a number of new products recently. For years I used only what I knew and what had been recommended to me by dermatologists, but positive experiences have taught me to explore--with caution. From Hourglass Nยบ28 Primer Serum to Alpha H Liquid Gold, I've been doing my research and (of course) adding to my list. 

Three. New Skin Care. From wish lists to purchases I've been on an absolute skin care rampage. The hot, humid summer has made healthy skin a bit of a challenge for me and I've naturally used this challenge as motivation to buy as much of my wish list as I can get my hands on. I'm gradually trying item after item and will likely post reviews when I feel I've gathered my thoughts. 

Four. Nostalgia. As a long time beauty junkie (I've told you about my childhood obsession with my mother's makeup, no?) I spend a great deal of time thinking about products I used to use, how my tastes have changed and how they've stated the same. While flipping through old photographs I found a picture of myself on my very first day in my very first apartment. Comparing this to my new profile picture for social media accounts, I almost laugh. I look so little (and so oblivious as to how to wear eye liner) yet the picture is only five years old! 

Five. Home Decorating Projects. My husband and I live in a home that was previously covered in 1970's wall paper, nearly neon green carpeting and old paint. While these styles all had their heydays, we're finally able to dedicate the time to making the house our own. From furniture to paint and spackle we've been doing a lot of work and it's so rewarding. To see my inspiration for many of the projects we're working on check out my Chez Moi Board on Pinterest

Six. The Return of MAC Moth Brown. I can't be the only one madly excited about the return of MAC Moth Brown with the By Request collection? It's the one product that I voted for over and over again and the one product that caused me to eagerly awaited the results. To be honest I cannot even remember when the shade was originally released, which is saying something as I've been interested in MAC since at least 2005. If I'm unable to snag a pan of the perfect taupe brown I'll be very disappointed! 

Seven. A few magnificent blog posts as always ... 
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What are your seven things this Sunday?