Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Underrated Treasure: NARS Mykonos Cream Shadow

In my last Seven Thing Sunday post I mentioned my obsession with love for a product that I consider relatively underrated. Sandra of 15 Steps, Then a Beauty Blog mentioned NARS Mykonos in a recent video about her most used summer products of 2012. The name rang a few bells with me, but I couldn't remember ever having seen it in person. After a cursory search of swatches I knew I had to have it. NARS cream shadows are no longer sold at Sephora, but as always Nordstrom came through for me and I added the product to an order I placed for a few necessities.

When the package arrived I went for Mykonos first, ripped open the box and within the compact I discovered this ... 

My immediate thought: how is no one talking about this shadow? It's a brown lover's dream. Mykonos is what I would call a deep champagne, as though a color akin to MAC's All That Glitters was mixed with a soft cocoa brown. The shadow is incredibly easy to wear: complex and deep enough to be worn on its own with a bit of mascara, but light and neutral enough to pair with almost anything else. 

I've worn NARS Mykonos very frequently since I purchased the shadow. The cream sets very quickly after application meaning that Mykonos is unexpectedly buildable for a cream product. Though I tend to opt for a sheer wash of color, this shadow makes a stunning and dramatic light smoky eye when applied at full force.

(Left to right): NARS Mykonos swatched heavily, NARS Mykonos blended

From what I can gather, NARS cream shadows are not as popular as their powder counterparts due to the texture. There are two main complaints, one that I cannot speak to (my skin type renders me unable to comment) and one that I can. The first: I feel compelled to point out that girls prone to oily lids and creasing may want to use a primer beneath this shadow despite the fact that it is a cream product. I did not experience any problems with the creasing or wear time of this product, but again I have very dry skin. The second: most complaints about NARS cream shadows seem to focus on the "dry texture" of the cream. Perhaps that is a problem that plagues testers at counters or sets in over time, but my own shadow is almost as emollient as a fresh MAC Paint Pot. 

Do you own NARS Mykonos, or any of the brand's other cream shadows? What are your thoughts?