Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brow Envy: Grace Kelly

Apart from Audrey Hepburn I cannot think of a woman that more epitomizes grace than the aptly named Grace Kelly. The 1956 film High Society is a family favorite, and I recall dancing around the living room of my childhood home in a four year old's effort to capture the ladylike comportment Kelly's leading lady, Tracy Lord, a cold socialite whose mien warms as a series of events force her to examine her true self.

Unlike many other leading ladies of the 1950s I cannot recall a film in which Kelly's brows appear different. Much like the image the actress sought to portray, her brows remained perfectly groomed and consistent throughout each and every picture in which she appeared. From Dial M for Murder to To Catch a Thief and High Society, Kelly's perfect brows never alter in shape. 

Though I admire Audrey Hepburn's versatility (was there a shape or size brow that she couldn't pull off?), Kelly's brows are the perfect example of a day-to-day wearable "done up" look. Perfectly arched and in exact agreement with the inner corner of her eyes at their innermost point and the outer corner of the eyes at their ends I would--in all honesty--pay good money for an accurate stencil to replicate their symmetry! 

I'm well aware that brows are a matter of opinion and facial shape. At various points in history thin brows have been all the rage (just look at Marlene Dietrich), but they take away from the natural symmetry of the face and age almost instantly. A thick brow is a literal and figurative sign of youth and the actresses of the 1940s and 50s embraced this look with an ardor we haven't seen since.

Are there any classic film stars who's eyebrows you envy? Have you ever tried to recreate the shape of brows inspired by a favorite actor or actress?