Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seven Things Sunday

Though it's very early in the season (and still technically summer) I've been slipping into fall habits and enjoying the increasingly cooler mornings. It's a perfect September day here: crisp but not too chilly (60°F, 16°C) and gloriously sunny. Ideal weather for relaxation and writing, if you ask me. I wrote the first installment of "Seven Things on Sunday" on a relaxing Sunday afternoon late this spring and explained that this series is a way for me to present you with a current list of things I'm loving, liking or (very rarely) disliking.

One. Relaxing Sunday activities. Writing blog posts, flipping through magazines, watching movies while burning candles and painting my fingernails. Aren't these things what make Sunday perfect? There is nothing more relaxing and restful than enjoying a few lazy pleasures while sipping a cup of tea or coffee.

Two. Pie. I absolutely adore baking just about anything, but pies and tarts are truly my favorites. If you follow me on Instagram (GettingCheeky) you are bound to have seen various creations over time. As autumn approaches my desire to bake increases threefold. I've already baked an apple pie, but my mouth is watering for cherry and pumpkin (my absolute favorite) as well.

Three. Ko Gen Do Spa Water. I'm hopelessly in love with Bioderma, but I've recently heard murmurings about Ko Gen Do's Spa Water. Sephora happened to be offering a deluxe sample of your choice at the time of online checkout and as luck would have it a pack of two Ko Gen Do Spa Water wipes was one of the choices. I am so impressed and plan to purchase a full size bottle ... it may even rival Bioderma.

Four. Organizing. Apparently in addition to spring cleaning my brain is programed to organize like crazy prior to the cold winter months as well. I have a mental list of home organization projects ranging from my closet, wardrobe and makeup collection to the basement and bookshelves.

Five. Serge Gainsbourg. There's something about French pop music of the 1960s that really resonates with me. During the past few weeks I've been listening to Serge Gainsbourg non-stop. My husband and I have a record player, and I've made buying a few Gainsbourg albums my new mission. (What they say is true: everything sounds better on vinyl.)

Six. Writing, and sticking to a wish list. Earlier this summer I began to force myself to stick to a wish list. No more impulse buying--I wanted each and every purchase to be well thought out and researched prior to approaching the checkout or online shopping cart. I'm happy to say that I've been successful, and though it wasn't all that excessive it's nice to avoid impulse purchasing all together.

Seven. A few magnificent blog posts as always ...
Sabrina is at it again. The Beauty Look Book has made me add Tom Ford Narcissist to my wish list.
Browsing Paris in Four Months is bittersweet. A year since I've visited and a year until I'll be there again.
Dustin Hunter is absolutely hilarious. This video is truly a must for anyone who has a love/hate relationship with MAC's limited edition collections.

What are your seven things this Sunday?