Monday, October 29, 2012

Already Notorious: Chanel Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks in Notorious

When I initially saw images of Chanel's Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks in Notorious I was skeptical. Notorious seemed like the kind of product a brand would create for a runway show—i.e. not something applicable to the daily makeup habits of women everywhere. I was wrong. With a background in painting I should have remembered that just as true shadows are never really black, they also aren't the color of bronzer either. As lovely as NARS Laguna can be when applied beneath the cheek bone it doesn't actually create the optical illusion of a shadow. Chanel's Ombre Contraste in Notorious does. 

On it's own Notorious looks like a glorious taupe shadow. Lucky for us that this product knows no bounds as it can be used anywhere on the face. I've worn the product as a shadow in which capacity it was decidedly stunning; however, Notorious truly shines (or ... shadows?) as the ultimate trompe l'oeil product.  

The beauty of Notorious lies in the fact that it leaves a relatively sheer wash of color behind. On the left I spent quite a bit of time building up the color to show its depth and complexity, while on the right I blended out the color to the shadowy sheen you see below. It's important to remember that not all products should be intensely pigmented, and Chanel's Sculpting Veil is certainly one that would lose something were the color more concentrated. Not only does the blendable nature of the product make it ideal for creating natural shadows on the face, it also means that this treasured product will last longer. (Thank heavens! I'm not one to buy backups.)

I had a bit of a play with Notorious almost immediately upon receiving it and even I was astonished with the results. I didn't anticipate much as I already have fairly pronounced cheek bones, but Chanel's gem certainly adds some extra oomph. 

In the image on the left I've applied Notorious to the left side of my face only (temple, in the crease of my eye, beneath my cheek bone and along my jaw line). The left side of my face is noticeably more chiseled. In the image on the right I've applied Notorious to both sides of my face.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC30
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer SC2
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer N52 Vanille
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation N51 Vanille Clair
Chanel Notorious Ombre Contraste

MAC Eyebrow Pencil Lingering
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk (on brow bone)
Le Métier de Beauté Fin Shadow (as liner)
Chanel Notorious Ombre Contraste
NARS Larger Than Life Liner Rue Bonaparte (waterline)
Fresh Supernova Mascara

NARS Easy Lover Lip Gloss
MAC Revenge Is Sweet Lip Glass 

I've seen Chanel's Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil swatched on all manner of different skin tones and the results are as stunning on deep complexions as they are on those with pale skin. If you are remotely interested in Notorious run to Chanel's website (here). This product is limited edition and bound to disappear soon—the product is listed as out of stock, but indicates that it is merely on back order which could be a good sign for those of you who would still like to call Notorious yours.

Have you tried Chanel's Ombre Contraste Sculpting Veil for Eyes and Cheeks in Notorious? What are your thoughts about taupe/grey blush?