Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baci di Italia: Tocca's Amalfi Baci

As much as I love a high end lip gloss, every now and then I feel nostalgic for the hyper shiny roller ball glosses of my past. As a preteen (read: ten through thirteen) miscellaneous drugstore brands and lines such as Bonnie Bell made fragrant, almost too shiny glosses in roller balls all the rage. My love of makeup was fairly evident at an early age. Although I was not permitted to wear makeup until I was about fifteen, my mother often allowed me to purchase these harmless glosses. I distinctly remember a strawberry gloss that I shattered on the playground and a very fragrant vanilla gloss I purchased some time in middle school. Not only do these glosses offer absolutely no protection for the lips, they're also the opposite moisturizing. Moreover, the glosses of my memories are colorless and almost gaudily glossy ... not something I'd want to wear now that my makeup taste has matured a bit. 

I'm sure you're familiar with Tocca perfumes and have read my high praise in the past. I cannot be without Colette and Bianca became a fast favorite this past spring and summer. Despite the brand's popularity where fragrance is concerned, I bet you didn't know that Tocca also makes lip glosses—exactly the kind of lady like, mature roller ball lip gloss that I've been searching for! 

Tocca's line of Aqua Baci comes in three different shades: Amalfi a petal pink (pictured below), Salina a slightly more bold pink and Catania a true clear. Ultimately the colors are a bit deceptive as all three products are sheer when applied to the lips. Unlike the overpoweringly fragranced lip products of my preteen years, Tocca's Aqua Baci has a barely noticeable yet pleasant scent.

What I love best about this product is that it give me the little bit of nostalgia I long for with a grown-up twist. The color of Amalfi matters little when it's applied to my pigmented lips, but I gain just a hint of glossy shine perfect for lazy makeup days when I want to add a little bit of polish to my look. As is to be expected this gloss provides little moisture for my lips, though I will say that it's more moisturizing than those I used years ago.

In case you were wondering what the tiny Italian box contained, it's nougat! After the lip swatches were captured I promptly started nibbling on this delicious orange flavored treat.

For those of you who remember the lip glosses I'm talking about, Tocca's Aqua Baci may be a cheap and nostalgic thrill. The glosses sell for USD $14 and are currently available on websites such as Apothica and Don't set your expectations too high for these glosses and enjoy them for what they are. After all, you're in good hands with a brand like Tocca! 

Have you tried any of Tocca's products? Do you have a favorite preteen or teenage beauty habit that you still feel nostalgic for?