Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cheeky Checklist: October 2012

My very first post on this blog was the original Cheeky Checklist (a post that now makes the improvement in my photography and blogging skills evident), my version of a monthly favorites list that I post closer to the middle of the month to avoid the deluge of favorites that occur at the end of one month and the beginning of the next.

Autumn is truly the most stunning season in my humble opinion. I'm a bit of a grey day girl anyway, so as far as I'm concerned there is nothing more stunning than the leaves of trees on fire in shades of red and gold silhouetted against the backdrop of a steely late October sky. These few months were clearly the inspiration for some of my favorite shades of polish that I turn to time and a time again this time of year.

(Clockwise from top left): Chanel Frenzy, Chanel Particulière, Dior Orchid, Essie Very Structured, OPI Warm and Fozzie, OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

During my visit to Le Métier de Beauté counter this past weekend I expressed my need for a more reliable under eye concealer. Thanks to my very blue dark circles (that only become darker as my skin gets more pale this time of year) I just haven't been satisfied with my MAC Pro Longwear/Bourjois Healthy Mix combination. Renee was kind enough to introduce me to Le Métier's Classic Flawless Finish Concealer: I've been so pleased with how this brightens and hides the shadows around my under eye area!

Given my obsession with candles the fact that I'm currently enamored with Diptyque's Pin and Feu de Bois should come as no surprise. These mini candles were sent to me by the lovely Kylie of Beauty and the Blonde 91 and they've made me even more of a Diptyque addict than I was before. I plan to purchase the famous Perdigone (spiced plum) before the Christmas season begins.

Statement jewelry has been a staple in my wardrobe this autumn. I've always been a fan of chunky necklaces and rings, but the selection currently available in stores has grown immensely this season. The two pieces I have below have featured prominently in my wardrobe: the black, silver and gold piece is from Topshop and the green wooden piece from Anthropologie.

What items made it on your checklist this month?