Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tom Ford Lavender Palm

I'm beginning to fall down the rabbit hole of perfume addiction. To be fair, the seeds were always there ... but recent discoveries from Tom Ford's Private Blend fragrances to Nasomatto have forced the flower of obsession to blossom and have made it hard to deny that a good perfume can make a girl feel good. During my pre-teen years my fragrance of choice was Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. When Stella by Stella McCartney was released I wore the fragrance every day (it still holds a special place in my heart) and made way for my love of more complex, woodsy and oriental fragrances such as Tom Ford Black Orchid and Kiehl's Amber 1942.

When I placed an order for Tom Ford's Wild Ginger Lipstick, Nordstrom just so happened to be offering a sample size of Lavender Palm at checkout. Given the fact that the full size bottle retails for upwards of USD $205 I was not about to turn down the relatively generous vial.

Tom Ford describes Lavender Palm as follows: 
"This sparkling eau de cologne is Tom Ford's take on the free-spirited ethos and chic elegance that evokes California. The seductive interplay of two varieties of lavender—lavender absolute and lavandin—forms the heart of this captivating fragrance."
"Bright citrus notes, layered with a moist palm leaf accord, clary sage, sensual woods and smooth tonka bean, brilliantly elevate the earthy lavender notes into a surprisingly refined star."
 My work load is immense at the moment, and it's quite easy to allow myself to feel overwhelmed. Much as I did during exams as a student, I surround myself with calming things--one of which is good perfume. I wore Lavender Palm to work today and felt cheerful: this perfume certainly does evoke the laid back "always summer" feel of southern California, yet it's not out of place as the weather cools and leaves change. 

Between you and me (as long as you promise not to tell my husband ... or mother for that matter) I'm planning on saving my dollars and cents to invest in a full sized bottle. Lavender Palm is an androgynous, complex fragrance that lifts my mood, lasts all day and smells divine. How could one go wrong?

Next on my list of Tom Ford fragrances I'd like to try? Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille and Neroli Portofino ... for now.