Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wantable: The New Kid in Town

I was recently contacted by Wantable, a curated cosmetic box service with the aim of providing its customers consistently full-sized products on a quarterly basis. While I was excited that I had been contacted, I was even more thrilled that Wantable is a hometown hero--it's not often that beauty companies of this nature have their home base in my city ... needless to say I'm very excited!

Much like its fellow box services, Wantable asks that its members begin by taking a style quiz. Though there isn't anything out of the ordinary about the quiz itself (which purse do you like, which dress would you wear, which celebrity do you most associate with etc.), the results truly set Wantable apart from comparable programs available in the United States.

(Clockwise from top left): Spadaro Doux Amour, Sole Nero, My Face Cosmetics Eye Pencil Brown, Verhoeven Cosmetics Sculpture Highlight Stick Spotlight, Paula Dorf Perfect Cheek Color Candy Apple, My Face Cosmetics Nail Polish Sp"ice"y, Beauty For Real Miracle Mascara, Beauty For Real Cool Plumping Lip Gloss Turned On

Sample size and quantity never really factored in to my complaints about other subscription services I've tried, but I found the lack of attention paid to my style profile a bit frustrating. After all, most services make you take these quizzes before subscription takes place: if the plan is to adhere to the results only loosely, then I fail to see their purpose. Wantable solves that problem: once you're assigned a style ranging from Classic Chic to Boho Beauty or Rock Rebel, you are then offered the additional choice of a color scheme!

My match was Boho Beauty which allowed me to choose one of three color ways Golden Pink, Sweet Berry, or Autumn Peach all of which feature different products. Given the season and my soft spot for warm peachy shades, I opted for Autumn Peach.

The fun thing about services like this is that they open your horizons to new brands. I'm not certain I would have picked any of the items contained in this box for myself, and yet I love everything with the exception of the perfume. Unfortunately the  Spadaro scents just weren't for me, but perfume is so personal that I don't think this is a major downfall, only a matter of personal preference.

The mascara and lip gloss are wonderful and both feature lights in their caps which make them ideal purse companions for a night out. Yet for me the Verhoeven Highlight Stick in Spotlight and Paula Dorf Check Color in Candy Apple are the standout products of this box. Both rival NARS Multiples in terms of quality, and pair beautifully for the perfect glowing autumn cheek.

(Left to right): My Face Cosmetics Eye Pencil Brown, Beauty For Real Cool Plumping Lip Gloss Turned On, Verhoeven Cosmetics Sculpture Highlight Stick Spotlight, Paula Dorf Perfect Cheek Color Candy Apple, My Face Cosmetics Nail Polish Sp"ice"y

The bottom line is simple: while other boxes currently available in the United States focus on providing a wide variety of samples, whatever the "taste profile" may indicate, Wantable focuses on tailoring a whole look to the profile ... right down to the color scheme.
Basic information:
USD $40.00, quarterly.
Free shipping both ways.
Curated full-sized products create a new look each season. 
I'm impressed and I'm eager to see what future seasons bring. While I'm thrilled at the number of style profiles offering immense diversity in terms of products and color offerings, I'm a bit anxious from a business perspective as this wide array could be difficult to maintain. Wantable is off to a wonderful start, though, and I highly recommend that you check them out if a box offering a full tailor made look is what you've been searching for!  

*This item was provided by PR for consideration. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. Do not hesitate to reference my policies in the event that you have any questions.