Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Coniferous Trio for the Cozy Season

Given my family's propensity for candles as I grew up it's no surprise that I started purchasing them en masse when I moved into my first college apartment. My husband is also a fan, and as a result we have quite a collection scattered throughout our house. For years autumn has been my favorite time to burn candles: there's something about the early sunset of an October evening that makes a Bath & Body Works Leaves candle smell even better.

Ironically enough, holiday scents can be a bit too cliché for me as I tend to steer clear of gourmand aromas like sugar cookie or gingerbread in favor of more woodsy, spicy home fragrances. This past spring Kylie of Beauty and the Blonde 91 generously sent me a Diptyque Pin Candle, a fragrance I never would have purchased for myself. My unexpected love for this candle sparked a fervor for all scents coniferous leading to the fragrance combination you see below.

The candle to the far left is a Christmas candle that smells exactly like Douglas Fir. On it's own this candle scents an entire room like a Christmas tree and leaves a warm almost herbal smell behind once it's been blown out. 

I also particularly enjoy C.O. Bigelow's Balsam, another fast pine favorite. Though this candle is perfect for the cooler weather, its fragrance reminds me quite a bit of the summer months as my childhood summer camp had quite a few of these fragrant conifers on the expansive property I frequently explored on horseback.

There's nothing quite like the fragrance of a conifer on a crisp chilly day to remind me just how much I love the holidays and even winter itself. What home fragrances do you particularly enjoy during the cozy season?