Monday, November 12, 2012

Brow Envy: Elizabeth Taylor

It is undeniable that Elizabeth Taylor is a legend. From her many tumultuous relationships (seven men, eight marriages to be exact), illustrious collection of jewelry, perfume empire and film career it's not likely that her persona will soon be forgotten. Though Taylor is perhaps best known now for her roles in films such as Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Taming of the Shrew she began as a child actress and starred in upwards of eighty films and television episodes over the span of her career.

When I see photographs and films starring Elizabeth Taylor I'm struck at how uniquely beautiful she was. Much much more than just a pretty face, Taylor was capable of conveying an immense array of emotions on the screen.

The subject of this post of course, is a much simpler admiration for her absolutely beautiful eyebrows. Once again it's hard not to admire an era during which women were encouraged to have thick and shapely brows. Unlike many of her contemporaries that altered the thickness and dimension of their brows where the particular character or film dictated, Taylor maintained a relatively consistent shape throughout much of her life.

Even as Taylor aged she held on to a thick natural shape, something I believe contributed to her reputation as a unique beauty. Not one to follow trends, but rather set them it's not hard to see the effect heavy eyebrows gave Elizabeth Taylor in photographs and on screen: using them to her advantage Taylor exuded a sort of sloe-eyed vampiness. 

Are there any classic film stars who's eyebrows you envy? Have you ever tried to recreate the shape of brows inspired by a favorite actor or actress? I'd love to hear which modern stars inspire your trips to have your brows waxed. As of yet I don't seem to be able to divert my focus from the many thick browed starlets of the 1950s!