Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheeky Checklist: November 2012

My very first post on this blog was the original Cheeky Checklist (a post that now makes the improvement in my photography and blogging skills evident), my version of a monthly favorites list that I post closer to the middle of the month to avoid the deluge of favorites that occur at the end of one month and the beginning of the next.

Just as monthly favorite videos call for a commentary on the passing of time, so too do my Cheeky Checklist posts. I cannot believe that it's already been a month: time really does fly when you're having fun! Though many might disagree, November is one of my favorite months. The colorful leaves have fallen giving way to angular deep brown tree branches and steel colored skies. Thanksgiving creeps up more quickly than I expect each year ushering in the holiday season at full force. It's going to be a wonderful couple of months!

I've mentioned many times on twitter that I'm lucky enough to have an Anthropologie just across the street from my office. It's a curse because I fall in love with expensive items, but a blessing because I'm able to wait patiently for sales and snatch items up as soon as they're marked down. This dress can be attributed both to the former and latter categories. I first saw the stunning deep teal dress at it's full pricea painful USD $158and finally snagged my size at only USD $39.95! Needless to say it's a favorite this month because it was such a bargain ... and because it's perfect for parties and holiday outings!

My new penchant for expensive perfumes means that I cannot justify a full sized bottle of every fragrance I fall in love with. Enter The Perfumed Court, a website that allows you to purchase decanted vials and spray vials of perfumes from just about every brand you can imagine. I recently placed an indulgent sample order for multiple Tom Ford fragrances, and I believe a flight of Diptyque perfumes will be next!

My incredibly thick hair is wonderful as the temperature plummets, but it almost immediately begins to show signs of cold weather distress. My locks start to feel dry and brittle and become even more frizzy than they are on humid days during the summer. Though I have a favorite deep conditioning treatment from France it won't last forever, so I've been exploring "local" options. For that reason ULTA's stocking stuffer sized samples of treatments from brands like Macadamia and Joico have been a blessing. I'll purchase a full-sized bottle of one or the other when both minis are used up.

Last but certainly not least, Instagram is now online! Those of you who do not have iPhones need no longer feel left out. Each user has a profile that you can follow online rather than on your iPhone. I love how the cover photographs shift and change displaying recent popular pictures. I'm at http://instagram.com/gettingcheeky/, feel free to check it out!

My November favorites were short and sweet simply because I've been sticking to a tried and true routine. What items made their way onto your checklist this month?