Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Breathless Lip Kaleidoscope, Getting You Red-y for the Holiday Season

Nothing says holiday season like a bold red lip (or mulled wine, but I am at least trying to stay focused on makeup). Le Métier de Beauté brings us their Lip Kaleidoscope in Breathless just in time for the upcoming festivities. As you may recall from the initial release I posted in mid August, Breathless was released in tandem with Nouvelle Vague a powder shadow Kaleidoscope inspired by the French Nouvelle Vague movement of the mid to late sixties (review here).

Following suit, Breathless was also inspired by film—these red shades, though, seem far more evocative of classic Hollywood glamor than the muted ambiguous tones and black and white shadows of French Nouvelle Vague films. 

Breathless is comprised of four equally glamorous old Hollywood reds. A word to the wise in the hopes of avoiding any resulting confusion—my palette seems to be assembled in a slightly different order than publicized. Clockwise from top left my palette includes: Beau a "deep berry crimson with matte finish," Existential "sparkling mauve with rose effervescence," Celluloid "a glimmering, creamy flushed red" and Cinema a "velvety ultra-rich red."

Though the swatches below were photographed in almost too much sunlight (if such a thing is possible) I'm pleased with the way the photograph turned out as it showcases the undertones that make the colors what they are. 

Beau is a rich berry red with such beautiful blue undertones that the shade is ideal for creating the look of a "berry stained lip." Cinema is the unquestionable grande dame of the group in terms of red and evokes the scarlet lips of the 1940s and 1950s. As a lover of sheer lip products I also enjoy both Existential and Celluloid as standalone products for day-to-day wear and for their ability to add complexity and shimmer to the other more stalwart reds of the Kaleidoscope.

(Left to right): Beau, Existential, Cinema and Celluloid

I love a bold red lip, particularly at this time of year. Breathless offers four distinct possibilities from shimmer, to raspberry to va-va-voom scarlet. I find that Le Métier's lip products in Kaleidoscope form are most easily applied with the aid of a lip brush; however, all four can be dabbed on with clean fingers to create a subtle stained effect.

As a side note, these lip products have a subtle amaretto scent that fades almost immediately following application. I adore all things pistachio and amaretto so I view this as an added bonus. Given the rate at which the fragrance fades, I cannot imagine that this would be a negative for those who eschew perfumed products.

(Clockwise from top left): Beau, Existential, Celluloid and Cinema

Le Métier de Beauté's cinema inspired Lip Kaleidoscope in Breathless retails for USD $95 and is currently available both at counters and on the Neiman Marcus website. Given the fact that the holiday season is nearly upon us, I can't help but draw the comparison between the shape of Le Métier's silver bell Kaleidoscope with Christmas ornaments. Though this would be one generous stocking stuffer, I can't imagine that any red lip lover would be disappointed with lip products of such a high caliber.

Have you tried any of Le Métier de Beauté's Lip Kaleidoscopes? Do you have a red lipstick that you favor during the holiday season?

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