Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's All Play Candy Says with NARS x Andy Warhol

When I purchased the NARS x Andy Warhol palette in Flowers 3 (review here) another item from the artistic collection was already calling my name. Though I attempted to resist, I fell prey to the "girly girl" charms of the Larger Than Life gloss in Candy Says.

I own two of these glosses already, and quite honestly tend to steer clear of them if possible. Though there is nothing wrong with the formula (in fact, I quite like it), the hyper small brush aimed at precision application just doesn't work for me. I have quite ample lips and it takes me an eternity to apply gloss with the Larger Than Life wand!

Despite my distaste for the design of the packaging, I finally succumbed to the lure of the color coupled with a long lasting formula. While other glosses can be painted over lipstick or chap stick, the Larger Than Life glosses work best when painted on bare lips as the product seems to adhere better to skin than to other cosmetics. Though the product doesn't necessarily have a "long wearing formula" it's this ability to adhere to the lips while remaining glossy that makes Larger Than Life glosses long lasting and comfortable.

NARS describes Candy Says as a "shimmering strawberry pink" and I couldn't have put it better myself. For an item from the Andy Warhol collection, the gloss has a decided "Disney princess" quality that reminds me a bit of childish things like strawberry milk, frosting and taffeta.

Though the wand is as disappointing to me with Candy Says as with the other two Larger Than Life glosses I own, I'm head over heels in love with the color. Frosty and pigmented enough to mute the color of my lips but translucent enough to allow some of the natural rose to show trough, Candy Says can easily be paired with any makeup look from bold eyes, to smoky or muted neutrals.

Have you tried any of NARS's Larger Than Life glosses? Did any of the colors released with the NARS x Andy Warhol collection at Sephora catch your eye?