Monday, November 5, 2012

Ojon Rare Blend Oil

Ojon's newly released Rare Blend Oil immediately stood out to me for one reason, it's beauty. Each bottle contains three different kinds of hair oil that separate into distinct layers: a yellow tinged amber, "crystal" and soft pink/red. My hair is quite particular so rather than spring for a full sized bottle immediately (USD $35) I opted to test it by selecting the product when it became available as one of Sephora's 100 Point Perks.

The instructions indicate that the product should be agitated before use which blends the three distinct oils into one opalescent cantaloupe shade. In regard to Rare Blend Oil's performance Ojon makes the following promise: "one precious drop of this multitasking wonder protects, nourishes, repairs, and transforms dull, dry, or damaged hair to vibrant health. Hair instantly looks glossier, shinier, silkier, and more luxurious." 

As I'm sure you can tell from various photographs I have incredibly thick, coarse hair. Though I do very little to style my locks as I prefer the appearance of my natural waves, my hair does require coaxing with various products as it dries to keep it from looking frizzy, enormous or just plain unruly. Though I've been using Phyto's Phytokératine Serum, I assure you that Ojon's Rare Blend Oil has converted me. I do require slightly more than one drop, but my hair is tame and glossy and stays that way until the next wash. As soon as I've hit the bottom of my sample vial I plan to order a full sized bottle ... I can't be without it!

Have you tried Ojon's Rare Blend Oil? What kind of hair do you have, and did this blend of "potent natural oils" do the trick for you?