Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sun Kissed in November with Le Métier de Beauté's Bronzer in Sun Kissed

For years I avoided bronzer like the plague. I'm a very pale girl and as many fair skinned girls avoid pigmented blushes for fear that they will overwhelm the face, I avoided bronzer for fear that it would make my complexion appear uneven and muddy. By the time I started blogging though, I'd done enough reading to understand which bronzers would work for my skin tone and how to properly apply them. I started with the obligatory NARS Laguna and from that point my collection has increased exponentially.

By in large I prefer matte, deep brown shades that blend easily to create a tanned shadowy appearance that serve the dual purpose of contouring and adding warmth. For this reason, when I opened the compact that houses Le Métier de Beauté's bronzer in Sun Kissed I was surprised. Sun Kissed is an illustrious sunny sand shade that looks more like a gold highlighter upon first glance than it does a bronzer.

However, Sun Kissed casts a bit of a mirage in the pan as the shade is far more rich and complex than it initially appears. The first time I applied the product on my cheeks with a brush I was blown away. Sun Kissed is incredibly finely milled which means that it glides on the skin and instantaneously intensifies in color and complexity.

Le Métier describes this product as "a touch of sun that looks like you just flew in from the sands of San Tropez, this sheer silky-light powder glides on evenly for a velvety-soft finish." Rather than the depth and deep coconut brown imparted by such shades as Laguna, Sun Kissed is truly a soft "beaches of Europe" tan. Though I never would have guessed it, Sun Kissed is the ultimate bronzer for my complexion. My own natural tan (if I'm ever luck enough to get one) is a soft almost cantaloupe-esque warmth, and Sun Kissed mimics my own mid July glow to perfection.

(Left to right): Le Métier de Beauté Sun Kissed swatched heavily, Sun Kissed blended

Le Métier de Beauté Sun Kissed Bronzer is a lovely alternative to dark bronzers though the shade does have a warmer companion, Sun Drenched. Le Métier's bronzers retail for USD $55 and are available at Neiman Marcus as well as Le Métier de Beauté counters everywhere. Any fair skinned girl would be thrilled with Sun Kissed in her stocking this holiday season ... nothing says Happy Holidays like a kiss of summer warmth in the depths of winter!

Have you tried any of Le Métier de Beauté's bronzers? Do you prefer deep toned bronzers or bronzers that impart a slightly more natural tan?

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