Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tru Blooms Chicago: When the Blooms of Neighborhood Gardens Become a Local Perfume

This week has apparently become an informal perfume week here on Getting Cheeky which I'm quite excited about. A topic that I previously wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole has become relatively frequent on this blog, and I must admit that I enjoy the descriptive power fragrance requiresit makes me stretch my writing muscles!

I'm not sure about you, but I really don't know where the ingredients in my perfume come from nor do I think about it all too often. I may know the list of ingredients and notes, but I don't often consider their precise source or the immense global footprint some perfumes must have. Tru Blooms Chicago aims to change this as their perfume is made from ingredients harvested in "small plots of land lovingly nurtured by neighborhood people." I find this quite exciting given the fact that I'm all for neighborhood gardens and their transformative power and that I am from what I would term the greater Chicagoland area. In other words, this is my first "local" perfume!

What does the fragrance smell like you ask? Tru Blooms Chicago is composed of notes of "elegant sheer Rose, traditional soothing Lavender, white oriental Lily and sensuous Violet" (which just so happens to be the Illinois state flower). The fragrance is very bright when it opens: initially it's quite a light, airy floral scent that is in some ways reminiscent of a rainy spring day when all the flowers are in their first bloom. As it mellows against my skin, the initial floral notes subside leaving behind a lovely warm musk. 

I was a bit nervous about the fragrance for my own palette as I typically prefer perfumes rich in heady notes and warm woodsy or oriental ingredients. Despite my concerns, Tru Blooms Chicago is a lovely departure from my typical heavy fragrances and I'm eager to wear it during the spring and summer months! I have one complaint: I find this perfume a bit too ephemeral. Though I don't mind fragrances that wear off throughout the day Tru Blooms Chicago requires more frequent reapplication than I am used to. Please note though that this is not a problem unique to this fragrance and as such it shouldn't dissuade you if this combination of notes is right up your street.

Tru Blooms Chicago is available for purchase now and retails for USD $38 (1.7 oz) or USD $65 (3.4 oz). This fragrance would make the perfect gift for any perfume lover, but particularly those who live in the Midwest and enjoy the thought of embracing the flowers in their very own back yard.

Tru Blooms Chicago is truly reminiscent of an early evening along the shores of Lake Michigan. I'm excited by the potential of this general concept: who knows, perhaps a local fragrance grown and created in your city will be the next big thing!

To learn more about the initiative, read up about the specific gardens that nurtured the blooms as they grew or to purchase a bottle of Tru Blooms Chicago perfume for yourself visit their website or Facebook page.

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