Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Seasonal Favorite: C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Perfume

C.O. Bigelow's Winter Lemon is perhaps the only perfume I've ever impulsively purchased. Several years ago I found myself in a C.O. Bigelow in downtown Chicago on a cold, snowy day and one whiff of this perfume was exactly what the doctor ordered. Winter Lemon became a fast seasonal favorite, but each year as the winter snow melts and the cold snowy weather gives way to the first blossoms of spring I suddenly feel as though I no longer like this fragrance. Nevertheless each year I place it in my beauty closet only to rediscover it again the following winter.

When the temperature took its first real plunge several weeks ago I found myself performing the perennial routine and pulling C.O. Bigelow's Winter Lemon perfume out of it's summer hiding place.

C.O. Bigelow describes their zingy winter scent as a "[combination of] sparkling lemon notes, velvety winter fig, sweet black currant and warm, sensual undertones of musk, rose and sandalwood." Though I've also owned the more straightforward Lemon Eau de Parfum, I find the lemon notes far more fragrant in this version. 

Winter Lemon is as warming and comforting as the feeling of my favorite sweater on a cold winter day. Though the perfume doesn't develop and change on my skin as time passes, I'm met with frequent bursts of warmed lemon as though a juicy wedge of the citrus has been sitting in a steaming hot cup of Earl Gray tea. I think Winter Lemon stands out from my wider selection of cold weather perfumes because it's much more tart and refreshing than my deeper options such as Kiehl's Amber 1942, Tom Ford Black Orchid or Tobacco Vanille. On top of it all the two toned glass bottle is absolutely stunning and casts a lovely shadow across my dressing table in the wintery late afternoon light.

Though C.O. Bigelow's most well regarded perfume Lemon is still available along with its companions Lemon Leaf and Ginger Mentha, my all time favorite Winter Lemon seems to have been a limited edition release. That being said, if you can find a bottle of this incredibly beautiful perfume it will brighten your cold winter morning just like a hot cup of tea with zingy lemon juice.

Have you ever purchased a perfume impulsively? What's your favorite winter fragrance?