Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beauty Resolutions 2013

At the close of 2011 I found myself more carefully scrutinizing my beauty habits than any other aspect of my life. Apart from a few weaknesses I eat and live quite healthily, remain close with my family, look after myself and pursue knowledge like a fiend so I feel quite fulfilled in those areas. Perhaps it's because I am a beauty blogger, but I can't help but consistently find room for improvement in the way I approach, spend on and use makeup.

Each year teaches me invaluable lessons. In 2011 I began writing Getting Cheeky and more than ever before I thought about, wrote about and spoke about cosmetics. 2012 was the year I really feel as though I came into my own as a blogger and with that came a more reassured sense of self where makeup is concerned as well. Gone are the days when I purchased products simply because other people bought them. I made a conscious effort to remain true to myself and I found it rewarding and not unexpectedly a good way to save money. I'm also proud to say that I was able to stick to my three resolutions for 2012:

Use only one mascara at a time.
Limit myself to five gloss purchases for the duration of 2012.
Keep in mind the aspects of my beauty routine that are most important and invest wisely.

Naturally the dawn of a new year means a new list of resolutions. I'm setting equally attainable but important goals for myself in 2013 that are as follows:

Wear bold (RED) lips more frequently.
I adore bold, bright lips but for some reason I've found myself afraid of putting it all out there and wearing an unapologetic shade. Well I no longer care. I feel confident and (I'll be honest here) sexy in a bold lip. I'm a grown woman, and I have no idea why the thought of wearing such a fearless shade made me cringe! Here's to many red lipped days to come in 2013.

Use products up and reduce, reduce, reduce
I've done a wonderful job reducing my collection throughout 2012 thanks to blog sales, forcing myself to use up products and eager friends willing to take barely used products to a loving home. In the process I've grown more discerning and understanding of what I really like, want and need. It's a trend I'm proud of that I'd like to continue into 2013.

Continue to keep in mind what's important and invest wisely. 
I made this resolution at the dawn of 2012 and am amazed at how much keeping it in the back of my mind has helped me throughout the year. In 2012 this meant that I should invest in beauty products and skin care items that would be most used, most unique or most important. One year later and one year older it also means that this phrase doesn't extend to beauty and skin care alone. Sometimes other things are simply more important than cosmetics however much I love them, and investing in these other things is also something I should make a priority.

What are your Beauty Resolutions for 2013?