Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Empties 2.0

After vowing to post empties posts more regularly I allowed time to get away from me. Somehow August slid into autumn and then the holiday season in the blink of eye, and now it's nearly a new year! At the very least posting this immense empties post at the end of one year means that I can be more dedicated to posting regularly in 2013. Though I don't intend to post monthly, I think a quarterly installment will be a bit easier to commit to.

Somehow I've amassed an insane number of finished products since my last post. I had so many half empty items that I finally committed to using up this fall, but it's still hard to imagine having used all these items up since August 1st! 

I now understand why other bloggers are so dedicated to posting items they've used up. After writing an empties post two times I'm very interested to see the patterns in the cosmetics and skin care bits I've use most. If anything this is an excellent lesson in the items that I get the most mileage out of and what things I like the most (perhaps even subconsciously). Empties posts benefit me because I learn which items are most important in my routine, and you dear readers because you can see the items that I would most recommend. Don't hesitate to ask questions about the items above!

What items have you finished recently that you intend to repurchase?