Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Cheeky's Top Five: Blush

I've always loved posts featuring any given blogger's absolute favorites. Unlike some, I disagree that limited edition products should be excluded. Whether the product is available or not, little curated selections of products from a much larger collection really paint a picture of someone's tastes, what colors they like to wear, whether they prefer shimmery products or mattes etc. Despite my love for these posts I've never launched a series of my own ... until now.

I have a lengthy list of products I'd like to write about from eye shadows to skin care, but I thought I'd start with a bang and discuss my all time favorite cosmetic—blush.

Illamasqua Powder Blush Naked Rose (Original Review)
I've long adored the smooth and exceptionally easy to blend consistency of Illamasqua blushers, but I feel as though I often don't appreciate this quality because their cheek products are so bright! I almost always find myself applying Illamasqua blush with a stippling brush. When Naked Rose was released I jumped for joy: it's as lovely as the other Illamasqua shades without the neon twist making it perfect for day to day use. (And yes, I'm still very tempted by Zygomatic)

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour Lush Nectarine (Original Review)
Lush Nectarine sparked a love affair with Laura Mercier's Second Skin Cheek Colours that has yet to fade. Though I've been much better about restraining myself in recent months, it's hard to resist the impeccable texture, pigmentation and subtle shimmer of Laura Mercier's blushers. As I mentioned in my original review Lush Nectarine is everything I'd hoped NARS Orgasm would be and more. It's a perfect rich peach shade that imparts a lovely subtle glow.

Guerlain's Blush G
Guerlain's much sought after Blush G was released not long after I started writing Getting Cheeky and I missed out on purchasing the product while it was still available despite my love of blush and the multitude of rave reviews. Early last winter I was contacted by the lovely and generous Cristina, a reader, who owned the product and had barely touched it. Though I use mine quite sparingly it's still in my top five because the flush it leaves behind is so natural and it lasts forever!

NARS Powder Blush Outlaw (Original Review)
I'd always heard wonderful things about NARS Outlaw, but I never seemed to be able to get my hands on the product. Though initial reviews of the product weren't high when it released with the autumn collection, Outlaw is likely my favorite NARS blush of all time. On my cheeks the deep blusher becomes a lovely rich strawberry suitable year round. While the golden shimmer is stunning and adds a glow, it's not as obvious as in NARS Orgasm which is a trait I quite like.

MAC Powder Blush Dirty Plum
MAC's Dirty Plum was released with the Liberty of London collection which will go down in history as one of my favorites. Though I adore NARS Sin, the more obviously purple hue of this blush is stunning when applied delicately to the apples of the cheeks. When blended on my skin Dirty Plum approaches fuchsia but can also look plum in varied lighting.

I must admit I was startled to see that I'd selected such a spectrum of shades. I anticipated that I'd gravitate more toward one color than another, but I have a little bit of everything in my top five: a shade that mimics my own natural blush, a neutral pink, a strawberry, an orange/peach and a plum.

 (Left to right): Illamasqua Naked Rose, Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine, Guerlain Blush G, NARS Outlaw, MAC Dirty Plum

Ironically enough, forcing myself to select only five products from a much greater collection really made me think about what colors actually get used. I have—for example—a seemingly endless collection of peach blushers: while I like the shades none of them ended up being in my selection of "can't live without it!" products. Could I have selected more than five? Certainly, but keeping it at the bare minimum is the point!

I'd love to hear your top five blushers! I'm smitten with all products related to the cheeks from bronzer to highlighter (Getting Cheeky's Top Five posts are planned for both items at some point in the future) so I'm always open to recommendations.