Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pearly Nails Fit For A Grand Bal

For whatever reason none of the Holiday 2012 collections particularly tickled my fancy when they were originally released in late September and early October. Quite different from my behavior and purchasing habits in years past I didn't feel immediately compelled to snatch up products I deemed "must haves" or patiently watch and wait as collections cropped up right and left online.

I was only recently struck by how festive and quintessentially vintage one particular collection was and as such the only purchase I made on Black Friday was a nail polish from Dior's Holiday 2012 Grand Bal collection. I was a bit late to the party (you see what I did there?) with these stunning varnishes packaged in bottles fit for Marilyn Monroe's dressing table, and I'm so happy I managed to snag one before they disappear.

Dior's Grand Bal collection featured many items packaged in luxe, golden vintage inspired bottles and tubes from lipstick to shadow palettes, but the nail polishes truly stole the show. The collection saw the release of four bell shaped bottles of varnish in the following shades: Diorling a twinkling gossamer gold dust, Diva a brown toned black with golden shimmer, Marilyn a classic 1950s red and Lady the pearly white shade I selected.

Unlike many aesthetically pleasing bottles of nail polish (Butter London, Chanel etc.) there is no decorative cap that needs to be removed before opening the bottle of polish. The beautiful ornamental gold cap unscrews directly from the bottle and is surprisingly comfortable and easy to hold while applying the nail polish.

I was a bit nervous about the ease of applying such a pearly shade, but Lady didn't give me any problems. I've applied only two coats below as I like the beautiful ethereal look of the somewhat translucent polish, particularly in such a lovely ladylike shade.

Though all the shades of polish released with the Holiday 2012 Grand Bal collection are stunning, I'm thrilled I selected Lady. Unlike any other polish in my collection, this shade brings back a look that was once quite popular and does it very well. Looking down at my nails I'm struck with how classing and polished they look (no pun intended) without appearing as over the top as they do when I wear shimmery or metallic nail polish. What's more? The pearly white is perfect for the snowy months ahead!

If you can still track down a bottle of Dior's Grand Bal nail polish it would make a beautiful holiday gift (USD $26). I can't imagine any woman who wouldn't love a bottle as well designed as this resting on her vanity.