Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wantable: The New Kid in Town Round II

You may remember my original review about Wantable, a subscription box service a bit different from the rest. Despite the subscription box boom the beauty world has seen in recent years, it's my opinion that there is still room for niche boxes in the market. Just as many of us bloggers take awhile to discover our niche and master it, so do do many small start up companies.

As Wantable establishes its niche as a curated cosmetic box service, elements of the service I spoke about in my original review have changed. My friends at Wantable offered to send me another box to review and to update the information pertaining to their service. I'm truly enthusiastic about the changes so I very happily agreed!

The way things were: Wantable launched with a few basic tenets that I introduced in my first post. Much like other subscription services, product selection opened with a style quiz aimed at establishing your specific tastes. The quiz led to a selection of various different styles (Classic Chic, Boho Beauty, Rock Rebel etc.) which then led to several different color schemes. As you may recall, my one anxiety pertained to Wantable's ability to sustain such a vast selection of products in different styles and color schemes.
Additional basic information mentioned in my original review:
USD $40.00, quarterly.
Free shipping both ways.
Curated full-sized products create a new look each season. 

The way they are now: Though Wantable still offers full-sized and carefully curated cosmetics hand picked by their in house makeup artist, the selection process has changed. In lieu of a style quiz, Wantable now asks a series of questions meant to determine the kind of products you'd like to receive. Don't like gel eyeliners? Don't worry about receiving them! These questions are fed into an algorithm that helps Wantable tailor your box even more. Gone are the days of Boho Beauty and color schemes, the box is even more customized as the algorithm ensures that each box is hand picked for you.

Basic information:
USD $40.00 for a one-time box, or $36 monthly.
Subscriptions can be "paused" or canceled at anytime.
Free shipping both ways.
Curated full-sized products to help discover a new look on a one-time or monthly basis.

(Left to right): Beauty For Real Light Up Nail Polish #1 Red, Color Club Antiquated Nail Polish

I had the opportunity to take the quiz and I can confidently say that I received products exactly along the lines of what my quiz answers indicated. All the colors were to my taste including the wild card purple eye shadow that I didn't initially believe I'd like! The main difference between the original box I reviewed and the most recent box I received is that the original box contained what Wantable referred to as a "full look." The new box is more of a discovery tool aimed at providing products that I can incorporate into my existing daily look.

(Left to right): Paula Dorf Eye Color Glimmer Prism and Cheek Color Ecstasy

Though the perfumes pictured aren't to my specific taste as I mentioned in my original review, I absolutely adore each and every cosmetic and nail polish I received. Though I don't like the perfumes myself, the opportunity to sample fragrances outside my comfort zone is always welcome. Even beyond aesthetics and the way Wantable guides you to select your products what both boxes have in common is excellent value. For USD $40 you're offered two to three perfume samples, several cosmetics and nail polish as an added bonus!

(Left to right): Paula Dorf Cheek Color Ecstasy, Paula Dorf Eye Color Glimmer Prism, MiA BelleZZa Verde Gel Eyeliner, Color Club Antiquated Nail Polish and Beauty For Real Light Up Nail Polish #1 Red

Even more than before I recommend that you look into Wantable. Many subscription boxes charged USD $40 just for samples, and on top of that many of these samples are not carefully selected with your specific requests or tastes in mind. Wantable offers personalization and increasingly more exciting products, and they're full size to boot! 

It's exciting to watch Wantable grow and develop as a company (right down the street from my office, ironically enough) and I'm eager to see what other opportunities are in store for the beauty box brand and customers alike. Can't get enough of their service? Wantable now offers jewelry too!

*This item was provided by PR for consideration. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. Do not hesitate to reference my policies in the event that you have any questions.