Friday, January 18, 2013

A First Taste of Spring: Burberry Siren Red Lip Glow in No 19 Mallow Pink

I'm unsure whether the first flowers of spring makeup collections simply aren't my shades or whether I'm a year older and wiser, but I've been much more restrained where spring collections are concerned this year. Up to this point a Spring 2013 has yet to really catch my eye, until I stumbled upon Burberry's Siren Red Lip Glow natural lip glosses.

I simply adore Burberry's products: the brand's attention to detail is second to none. From sleek, incredibly well designed packaging to impeccably executed products Burberry has quickly gained a name for themselves with makeup lovers everywhere. Burberry's Spring 2013 products weren't even on my radar until I stumbled upon incredible swatches on Gummy Vision. I immediately honed in on the lovely Siren Red Lip Glows purchasing my favorite without a second thought!

After much deliberation I settled upon No 19 Mallow Pink from among a selection of four Siren Red Lip Glows that were released for the season: No 19 Mallow Pink, No 20 Pink Sweet Pea, No 21 Fondant Pink and No 22 Coral. Though I love the look of Pink Sweet Pea, the vibrant and red tinged Mallow Pink immediately stood out as the most unique.

In terms of color Mallow Pink is electric enough to be considered a light red. I often shy away from softer pink shades as I find them challenging to pull off with my coloring, but the unapologetic shade offers such a pop of color that I somewhat ironically feel more comfortable wearing it than I would a baby pink! 

Where texture is concerned this gloss cannot be beat. As one would expect, Burberry has created an incredibly well formulated gloss that offers saturated pigmentation and slight shimmer without sacrificing comfort. I'm able to wear this gloss for hours without experiencing any of the discomfort and dryness that some glosses unfortunately induce on my lips.

(Left to right): Burberry Siren Red Lip Glow No 19 Mallow Pink swatched heavily, swatched once

One swipe of Mallow Pink leaves behind a subtle and healthy red/pink glow (on the right above) while the application of subsequent layers keeps building on pigmentation, glossyness and the subtle shimmer that runs throughout the gloss. I prefer to wear the gloss on its own (without a similar lipstick beneath) in about one or two layers. Though Mallow Pink fits in at this time of year offering a pop of color in an otherwise bleak season, it's not hard to imagine how lovely this gloss will look come spring!

Like any of Burberry's products, Spring 2013's Siren Red Lip Glow in No 19 Mallow Pink offers luxury in every sense of the word. Packaging, product quality and comfort are all executed to perfection with a price point to match: each of these glosses will set you back USD $27. Despite the high price tag, I'm willing to splurge to get such an incredible quality gloss that I will be sure to enjoy throughout the spring and summer months!

Have any items from Burberry's Spring 2013 collection caught your eye?