Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Luxe Winter Treat: By Terry's Or de Rose

Many months ago the lovely and incomparably generous Kylie of Beauty and the Blonde 91 sent me the shimmering golden incarnation of By Terry's most buzzed about product, Or de Rose Baume Précieux. Due to my new desire to finish products before purchasing or opening new ones I kept it tucked away in my lip drawer, wrapped in its packaging, eagerly peeking at it from time to time as my precious Baume de Rose drew closer and closer to the bottom. After bidding my pot of Baume de Rose farewell, I finally allowed myself to unwrap By Terry's Or de Rose just before Christmas and unsurprisingly I've fallen in love.

The most obvious difference between the two products is the packaging. While Baume de Rose is packaged in a classic frosted glass post with a simple silver top and lettering, Or de Rose is luxe from start to finish in a glass pot festooned with flowers and topped with a rose gold cap. Being a bit of a lush and lover of all things luxurious I can't help but prefer the more flamboyant packaging of Or de Rose.

As you might expect the formula differs from the original only in that it contains very fine golden flecks. The overall effect when applied to the lips is by no means over the top, and gives the face a warm glow when coupled with wintery blush and highlighter. Though I haven't included a lip swatch due to winter dryness, you can expect this little gem to show up in a FOTD in the very near future. 

Both Baume de Rose and Or de Rose are not inexpensive products and if you don't have the opportunity to try both I would, quite frankly, recommend the shimmering Or de Rose to its more subdued predecessor (that is, if you're not opposed to a little glitz and the hefty price tag). My logic lies in the fact that in and of itself Baume de Rose is a nice, rose scented luxury balm but not unlike many other high end lip balms already available. Or de Rose distinguishes itself from the competition with the added subtle shimmer, a touch of understated glamour that By Terry does so well.

As a point of comparison By Terry's original Baume de Rose retails for USD $59, while its luxe counterpart Or de Rose sells for a bittersweet USD $70. (Is it me or did the price recently increase?) If you're a luxury lip balm addict and willing to spend, then this is truly a nice treat to pick up for yourself or a fellow cosmetic fiend. Dare I say that Valentine's Day is on the horizon?

Have you had the opportunity to try any of By Terry's luxury lip products?