Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blush Like a Paper Doll: Mai Couture Blush Papers in Prettyful

I'm always one to try new innovations in the beauty industry, particularly when said innovation is well thought out and not gimmicky. Giorgio Armani's Maestro Fusion Makeup, which was unquestionably my top cosmetic revelation of 2012, is a perfect example of the way forward thinking and classy presentation can change the way we think about cosmetics.

As a dry skinned girl I don't have need for blotting papers myself, though I think the concept is ingenious. Brands such as Boscia offer beautifully packaged blotting "linens" that cut down on oil and shine while keeping your makeup fresh and not cakey. I was excited to discover that brand Mai Couture had brought the same approach to other kinds of cosmetics, offering foundation, blush, highlighting and bronzing papers for every day use or touch ups on the go.

Somewhat hesitant about the thought of purchasing a full "booklet" of blush papers (50 sheets) without having the opportunity to test them first, I was thrilled to see that Nordstrom was offering a sample containing two sheets of Mai Couture's Blush Paper in Prettyful when I last placed an order. 

Prettyful is a pale blue based pink containing a not so subtle opalescent shimmer. The brand asserts that each sheet of blush is powdered with talc and paraben free pigments that transfer easily to the skin by rubbing the sheet in a semi-circular motion upwards on the apples of the cheeks and along the cheekbones. I found it difficult to swatch the blush paper on my arm as a way of displaying just how pigmented these blushes can be. Don't be fooled by the fact that you don't need a brush: Mai Couture's blushers are pigmented and should be applied to the cheeks with caution.

I had a bit of a beauty blogger fail and forgot to take a shot of myself wearing Mai Couture's blush in Prettyful with my more detailed DSLR camera. Unfortunately the photograph below on the right doesn't do this product justice. Beautifully pigmented, and just the right amount of over-the-top this shimmering blush took the place of my normal blush and highlighter duo. Prettyful brightened my face on a dull and cold winter day.

Given the fact that one sheet offers enough product for both cheeks the USD $18 price tag for a booklet of 50 papers seems incredibly reasonable to me. I certainly plan to invest in a booklet, though I have yet to decide which shade has most captured my attention! Whether you're looking for a new and fun product, or a convenient blush to toss in your on-the-go makeup bag Mai Couture have taken a well loved concept and given it new life!

Have you tried Mai Couture's Blush Papers? Which cosmetic item would you be most inclined to use in paper form?