Thursday, January 10, 2013

Decléor Merveilles de Nature Soothing Skincare Ritual

After the holiday, Christmas money was burning a hole in my pocket and I found myself browsing websites and looking at items that I'd previously only dreamed of purchasing. Some of the chief items my eyes alighted on were the lovely Holiday 2012 gift coffrets offered by Decléor Paris. Though I've owned odds and ends from Decléor in the past, these Christmas sets seemed to offer a better taste of the brand. I ended up purchasing the Merveilles de Nature Soothing Skincare Ritual which was recommended by Lisa Eldridge in her Holiday Gift Guide video.

Though I typically prefer much more time to test and experiment with new skin care before posting a review, I dislike the thought of delay with this set as I've seen it crop up in the sale on Feel Unique at a substantially reduced price.

For roughly USD $85 the Merveilles de Nature Soothing Skincare Ritual contains the following products: 

Aromessence Rose d'Orient Serum (5 ml, miniature size)  
Decléor promises that this serum is made with the finest "natural essential oils specially formulated for the daily care of sensitive, reactive skin." To me it smells almost exactly like Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm, so I imagine many of the key ingredients are the same. Though I have far too many serums at the moment to contemplate the purchase of a full sized bottle, this has been a blessing for wind burned and chapped winter skin.

Harmonie Calm Crème Lactée Apaisante (50 ml, full size) 
I apply this rich cream reminiscent in texture of the cult Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré immediately following the absorption of the Rose d'Orient Serum into my skin. Formulated for use during the day the texture is luxurious and milky keeping my skin hydrated for hours, but it also plays well with makeup and allows my foundation or tinted to moisturizer to rest on top without looking greasy or overdone. I've also delighted in using this cream at night as it's pleasing scent and incredibly soothing consistency is lovely after a long day.

Harmonie Calm Gel-Crème Yeux Lacté Délassant (15 ml, full size) 
Formulated with the same "lacto calm" ingredients as it's day cream companion, this eye cream is soothing and incredibly plumping. At this time of year I often find the skin around my eyes dry the instant I wake up in the morning even after liberal application of an eye cream to my eye area before I go to sleep. Decléor's Harmonie Calm Gel-Crème Yeux Lacté Délassant is unique to the other eye creams I own as it has a milky, melting texture that works wonders when applied beneath my concealer for use during the day. As with the day cream, I can also use this at night to splendid effect.

Though not directly related to the skin care within, Decléor's Holiday 2012 gift sets also have the added attraction of a jewelry tree inspired by the packaging that houses the skin regimens. Decléor's jewelry tree is meant to hold rings, earrings and necklaces while you delight in your skin care routine, sparing your jewelry from getting in the way and becoming gummed up with product. Though this item isn't a necessity I believe it shows Decléor's refined attention to detail, and it's a lovely touch to a holiday gift set. The tree is right up my alley: I find it incredibly refined and elegant and can't wait to find a place for it to call home.

I purchased my Merveilles de Nature Soothing Skincare Ritual from Decléor's US website during a gift with purchase promotion and also received a mini Bois de Néroli relaxing candle. Never one to turn down a luxury candle I was thrilled to receive this little gem that made my post holiday gift to myself feel even more like Christmas.

I was already a firm fan of Decléor prior to purchasing this gift set, but I'm now even more in love with the range. The products smell lovely but aren't overwhelmingly perfumed and soothe my skin wonderfully at a time of year when moisturizing is no easy feat. The Merveilles de Nature Soothing Skincare Ritual has taught me to appreciate Decléor even more ... and to anticipate their carefully thought out holiday gift coffrets! You can bet I'll be eagerly anticipating their 2013 releases at the end of this year.

Have you had the pleasure of trying any of Decléor's lovely skin care products? Which are among your favorites?

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