Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Diptyque's Romantic Rose Duet is Redolent of Love Itself

I am, as I'm sure you've now gathered, a bit of a Diptyque fanatic. Diptyque's offerings all cast their fragrance much farther than your garden variety candle, come in a wide range of unique and perfect fragrances and are housed in beautiful glass jars. When I heard a limited edition candle coupling the brand's iconic Roses and Baies fragrances would be released just in time for Valentine's Day I knew I'd have to treat myself.

When I burn Rose Duet, I'm immediately reminded of Valentine's Day. Diptyque's much loved Roses smells exactly like sticking your nose in an immense and generous bouquet of fresh blooming roses from an adoring admirer, while the popular Baies evokes the coupling of roses and blackcurrant leaves. Though it wouldn't be hard to combine two such delicate, romantic fragrances the brand has married the two scents to perfection. Diptyque describes the fragrance as follows: "a duo of Diptyque's iconic scents: Roses and Baies. From the delicate rose garden to the elegance of the English garden, Rose Duet takes you on a journey through a delightful garden.

Beyond the fragrance of the candle itself, I'm also in love with the feminine limited edition packaging. Housed in a girly frosted blush pink glass emblazoned with magenta lettering this unique packaging will keep the romantic, Valentine's spirit of the fragrance alive long after the candle has burned down and the season has passed.

Given the fact that I'm writing about a fragrance that reminds me of love, it seems only fitting to expand upon the experience that led me to fall in love with the brand Diptyque in the first place. I'm well aware that I prattle on about Diptyque fragrances and candles regularly, but it's all with very good reason. Fragrance is powerfully linked with our memory, and for me with my sense of nostalgia. Though I was aware of Diptyque for years, I had never truly experienced the brand until I wandered into their boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain while living in Paris. Though I have many incredible memories from my visits to Paris, there is something magical about my memory of this experience: as though I was Alice in a newly discovered French wonderland of fragrance. An article about the increasing popularity of luxury candles (you can read it here) mentioned that candles by brands such as Diptyque and Cire Trudon have become popular because their high quality fragrances offer consumers a mini vacation in the comfort of their own home. I find this to be particularly true in my case: though I cannot always be in Paris, having a Diptyque candle ensures that a little piece of something I strongly associate with my time in Paris is always with me.

If you've long adored Diptyque candles or are just beginning to explore the brand, Rose Duet makes any room feel airy and romantic. The perfume of the candle reminds me of love itself both because of the strong rose notes, and the nostalgic feeling of love for a place that I experience whenever a Diptyque candle is burning nearby. Gentlemen, this gift would be as romantic as a bouquet of roses (even more so if you bought your sweetheart both), and ladies please do not be afraid to treat yourself this Valentine's Day!

Have you had the opportunity to smell Diptyque's lovely Rose Duet?