Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seven Things Sunday

I cannot believe I'm writing my first Seven Things Sunday post of 2013! How quickly a year has passed? I can't think of a better way to spend a January afternoon than wrapping myself up in a blanket with a cup of tea and writing a "Seven Things on Sunday" post born on a similar lazy day when I craved an easy way to quickly share a current list of things I'm loving, liking or (very rarely) disliking. 

One. My favorite time of the year for MAC collections. Though I don't wish to post full reviews of MAC products that either have or will very soon sell out, I'm thrilled with two recent purchases I made from the Après Chic collection. I purchased the Mineralized Tinted Lip Balm in Rosy Romance and the Mineralize Blush in Gentle. The two products match to create a lovely wintery flush and for that reason I've been pairing them almost every day.

Two. Focusing on staying hydrated and consuming the right kinds of liquids. Much of the secret to my own skin care has to do with how hydrated I am inside and out. I've always made a point of drinking quite a bit of water and never drinking soda. Every now and then I forget how important it is and don't drink as much water as I should and notice the adverse effects almost immediately. I've purchased a new glass water bottle to bring with me to and from work as a reminder of the importance of good old H20!

Three. Weekend getaways. This weekend my husband and I celebrated what we refer to as our "original anniversary" or the anniversary of when we began dating, rather than when we got married. We got away to a very nice hotel and enjoyed dinner, drinks and the atmosphere. As close as it is to home, it was such a refreshing and fun way to recharge our batteries that we intend to do it again!

Four. Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. Gaskell's North and South is my all time favorite novel, and the 2004 BBC film adaptation is unquestionably my favorite adaptation of a novel. Though these always top my list I experience a period of renewed obsession every year around this time: how could I not when Richard Armitage so convincingly plays John Thornton (hubba hubba)? Needless to say I'm forcing myself to take a step back and read/watch something else!

Five. Winter hibernation and reading magazines. One of my favorite activities when the wind is howling outside the window is digging into my neglected stack of magazines. This month's In Style introduced me to a new wish list item (hello, See by Chloé perfume) and this beautiful spread of nail polishes two of which I must own!
On my radar: Rococo Sandrine (second row, second from the left) & Sally Hansen for Tracy Reese Butterscotch (bottom, second from the left)

Six. Post Christmas relaxation. As wonderful as the holidays are and as sad as it is to take down the Christmas tree and its accoutrements I always find myself taking a deep breath and enjoying the relaxing days that come just after the new year. Only in retrospect do I realize how busy things are just before Christmas!

Seven. A few magnificent blog posts as always ... 
Café Makeup looks ahead and tells us what 2013 will bring to beauty. 
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Lil Lady Life and I share a common taste in clothing (.. and makeup) so I've always loved her outfit of the day posts!

What are your seven things this Sunday?

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