Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brow Envy: Sophia Loren

There is no name more eponymous with glamour and beauty than that of Sophia Loren. Whether in a movie or in a photograph, I'm always struck both by her incredible natural beauty and the many and varied was she wore her makeup at the height of her career. Widely acclaimed as the most recognized and celebrated Italian Actress of the silver screen, Loren (born Sofia Villani Scicolone) has had an incredible career spanning six decades.

Coupled with a pair of beautiful almond shaped eyes, Sophia Loren's eye brows are a source of great envy (hence this post) and inspiration for me. My brows are naturally shaped not unlike Loren's, and her beautiful iconic brow shape gives me something to aspire to while I apply brow pencil and swipe the spoolie through my brows each morning.

I find the photograph below particularly interesting as it gives us an idea of how Sophia Loren worked with the natural shape of her brows. Only the top portion of the arch appears to be filled in, while the rest (though carefully groomed and shapely) is left largely untouched.

While many actresses of her era switched their brow shape on a whim, Sophia Loren celebrated the thick natural shape of her brows and kept them relatively consistent in style throughout the duration of her career. Not unlike Elizabeth Taylor, Loren's eyebrows remain a recognizable trait of the actress who is still as beautiful as ever.

Are there any classic film stars who's eyebrows you envy? Have you ever tried to recreate the shape of brows inspired by a favorite actor or actress?