Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To: DIY Perfume Tray/Vanity Tray

One of the tried and true adages of my family is that you can never find something when you're looking for it in stores. Do you want the perfect black sweater? Odds are you won't find it during an all day hunt in shops and boutiques, but you will stumble across it when you least expect it! Unfortunately in my case, the recent item I've been unable to find is a simple yet chic perfume tray. Though I have no qualms with somewhat more glitzy taste, I just don't want a "blinged out" perfume tray which is all I seem to be able to find at the moment!

It finally occurred to me that I don't really need to waste my time looking because making exactly what I'm looking for would be just as easy, if not more fun. The cherry on top? The perfume tray I made myself cost me a grand total of USD $10! In all fairness I do want to state that my idea is not unique. There are dozens of tutorials and how to projects floating about on the internet detailing a similar concept. The process below is simply my own rendition of an already popular DIY project.

Interested in making your own? Read on and I'll show you how!

The materials needed are inexpensive and accessible. You will need:
A photo frame of your choosing, a pair of heavy duty scissors, a gloss finish spray enamel in the color of your choice, super glue, craft knobs and decorative materials to place behind the glass.

The beauty of this DIY project is just how customizable it is.
Do you have a considerably larger perfume collection? Purchase a larger, more substantial frame.
Do you like a more baroque look? Purchase a frame with a pattern or texture to the metal.
Interested in bright colors? Spray the frame any shade you'd like!

Step One
Cut off the piece of wood or particle board that is meant to prop up the picture frame. On some frames it may pull off without the aid of scissors. Next, remove the back of the picture frame and take out the glass and set it aside far from the spray paint! Replace and refasten the back of the picture frame. 

Step Two
Either outside, or in a well ventilated space spray about two to three layers on the back of the frame and allow it to dry. Once the spray enamel is no longer "tacky" to the touch, flip the frame and repeat the process on the front making sure to coat the frame evenly. Shake the paint can often enough that the spray enamel applies in thin layers. Set aside four craft knobs and spray them to match the frame.

Step Three
While allowing the frame to dry completely, pick and prep the decoration you'd like to place beneath the glass. I adore patterned paper, and I wanted to select something that matched my soft green bedroom. The decoration beneath the glass is yet another aspect of this DIY project that is customizable. I've seen similar perfume trays with glitter beneath the glass, and I think that photos or keepsakes from a recent trip or big event would also be beautiful. I contemplated purchasing a more ornate frame and pairing it with a wedding picture and a dried, pressed flower from my bouquet.

Step Four
Use the piece of paper that came within the frame as a guide making sure to cut the paper or decorative element you've selected to fit behind the glass without leaving any gaps.

Step Five
Once your spray painted frame has dried, affix one craft knob to each corner of the base. Make sure your knobs are glued on securely and evenly so as not to cause the tray to wobble. Remove the back and replace the glass and your decorative element along with it. Once you're certain the craft knobs that will be touching the top of your vanity or dresser are completely dry, feel free to load your new perfume/vanity tray with your favorite scents or pieces of jewelry and enjoy!

I'm thrilled with how mine turned out, and it ended up being just what I was looking for! Though I certainly don't need another myself, the possibilities are endless making this project the perfect DIY gift.

Do you plan to make your own perfume tray or vanity tray? How would you customize a tray to suit your own personal tastes? I'd love to see your own versions of my little DIY project! If you end up making your own perfume tray please tweet me a picture @GettingCheeky.