Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Perfect Lipstick: Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick

Perhaps the most exciting item January's Man Repeller x Glossybox contained was a full sized Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick. At USD $26 each these lipsticks aim to offer long wearing power coupled with comfort and unapologetic pigmentation. I'm currently in the market for a new "favorite" red lipstick, as my deluxe sample of Guerlain's Coque d'Or is just about at an end and the lipstick I received, Fierce, unquestionably fits the bill.

Of their Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipsticks Tarte says the following: "Always hydrating and never drying, this high-cushion lipstick keeps lips moisturized all day long, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and stops feathering in its tracks to give lips a perfect, plumped-up appearance. Thanks to nature’s most perfect ingredient, Amazonian clay, fade-free color stays in place all day, so there’s no need to continuously reapply or worry about smudging and budging. Amazonian clay also restores the lips’ natural moisture-content with nourishing and hydrating properties, imparting amazing color and restoring skin’s wellness." I wanted to include the entire brand description of the product in my post as it makes quite a few lofty claims: pigmentation, non-fading, line reducing, feather preventing and hydration ... does such a lipstick even exist? The answer is yes. The formula of Tarte's newest lipstick range is pure perfection.

I simply adore red lipstick, but part of the reason I've shied away from the classic shade for so many years has to do with bad (read: drying) experiences with well known reds such as MAC's Ruby Woo. For whatever reason red seems to be a particularly hard shade to formulate in a "dry lip friendly" way. As much as I've wanted to wear every red I come across, my lips have rejected all but Guerlain's Coque d'Or in favor of lip balms and less harsh products such as tinted conditioner or gloss. Yet from the moment I swatched Tarte's Fierce, I knew something was different. The lipstick is buttery smooth and almost startlingly pigmented: one swipe of the product across my lips leaves behind intense pigmentation.

Fierce is a stunning, bright orange based red that is nothing short of classic. When I think of the perfect red lipstick, this is the exact color that comes to mind. The Glamazon Pure Performance range also offers Wild, a cool red, as well as a several nude pink shades, a coral and a berry or two for those of you who don't feel quite as comfortable in such bright hues. For my part, I feel particularly lucky that Fierce was the shade January's Glossybox contained as it is the color I would have been most apt to choose for myself.

When Tarte states that the Glamazon Pure Performance lipsticks are "high cushion," that the formula "stops feathering" and "minimizes the appearance of fine lines" they are not exaggerating. The brand makes lofty claims with this lipstick, but where others cannot Tarte actually delivers. The way my lips look below is exactly how my lips looked five hours after I first applied Fierce, albeit with minimum drinking and very little eating. Hydrated and plump looking lips wearing lipstick after five hours is quite literally unheard of for me given the state of my lips during the winter, never mind the pigmentation which also blows me away!

If you're a dry lipped girl looking for the red of your dreams look no further than Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick in Fierce. This stop sign red offers classic vintage color without the sacrifice of a formula that also feels as though it should be vintage! I'm obviously a cosmetics lover and also very easily pleased, but I can honestly assert that I haven't been this impressed with a product in quite some time. I'm eager to retire some of the more drying lipsticks in my collection in favor of a few more shades from Tarte's incredible long wearing, moisturizing range.

Have you tried Tarte's Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipsticks? Which shade is your favorite?