Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Skinny on Glass Nail Files

I've always struggled with my fingernails. Though I like their shape in principle, they seemed to flake and break prematurely no matter what I did. I'm careful with my diet, and have always made sure to give my nails ample time to breathe when I seem to have been wearing polish non-stop, but no matter what I seemed to do my pointers would continuously weaken and flake. Enter glass nail files.

Months ago I was contacted by Mont Bleu, a company that produces elegant glass nail files, and was asked to try their products. As unusual as it sounds, I've avoided files in the past given their propensity to encourage my nails to peel. Nevertheless, I read up on the benefits of glass files a bit before I received them and discovered that these files have quite a bit more to them than initially meets the eye. I'm somewhat astonished that glass files aren't more regularly raved about: given their benefits it seems as though they should be taking the nail world by storm!

Though trivial, the paramount benefit of a glass file is the fact that they last indefinitely. Whereas emery or etched steel files are prone to wear down requiring frequent replacement, glass does not lose its etched texture no matter how frequently friction is applied. For my nails the real benefit is just how gentle glass files are. I can file my nails to shape them as well as buff out imperfections caused by peeling without causing further problems. I find the effect of the etched glass on my nails not unlike sandblasting: the etch is so fine that the chip or peel is polished down never to return.

Between OPI's incomparable Nail Envy Base Coat and regular "polishes" and files with Mont Bleu's glass files, I can confidently assert that I have completely changed the state of my nails. Only a few months ago I was forced to keep them shorter than I would like, and now my fingernails grow more quickly than polish and trimming can keep up with! Depending on the style, Mont Bleu's beautiful files range from USD $5 to $15—a reasonable price given the fact that these stylish files theoretically need only be purchased once in a lifetime! 

Have you tried glass nail files? What was your experience?

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