Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Kind of Content Would YOU Like to See on Getting Cheeky?

As a blogger one of my greatest pleasures is the ability to interact with readers. Relationships forged in the comments sections of my posts or on Twitter are some of the most rewarding aspects of regularly blogging and it makes the experience even more wonderful than it already is. Though it can be a challenge, I respond to each and every comment left on my posts and attempt to reply to each tweet, Instagram or Facebook comment I receive. I suppose I say that in an effort to demonstrate that I love hearing your thoughts and suggestions. I always want Getting Cheeky to be a two way street.

Though numbers don't fluster me much, blogging is so personal that seeing that I've lost followers (even just one!) gets me thinking, what would that one person have liked that I wasn't delivering? Though part of what makes having a blog so fun is the ability to entirely control the editorial content, it can be easy to put blinders on when new possibilities present themselves and focus on too much of the same subject matter. 

Getting Cheeky is, of course, a beauty blog and a quirky one at that. I already pepper my content with near constant literary and historical references, attempt to keep posts as varied as possible and have carved out my own space—Seven Things Sunday—to write about non-beauty related subjects. I am proud of this quirkiness, and that will certainly never change. Nevertheless, I'm always open to new suggestions! 

So my question to all of you is this: what kind of content would YOU like to see on Getting Cheeky? Interested in an individual post that you would like to see become a series? Would you like more of any given kind of post (reviews, looks, how to)? Would you like to see more fragrance, cosmetics, or skin care? I'm all ears! 

I love hearing what you have to say, so suggest away and I will endeavor to meet your expectations!