Friday, March 29, 2013

Benefit's Fakeup "Never Settles!"

If you've been following Getting Cheeky for some time now you'll know that I tend to avoid gimmicky products. It's not as though I believe these products can't be good, it has more to do with the fact that the promises associated with said gimmicks are often so over the top, or the product is just too themed and cutesy that I lose sight of the original intent. However cute the packaging or theme a red lipstick is a red lipstick, right? When too much attention is paid to marketing and packaging, and too little to product quality it's often a huge turnoff.

Though this isn't true across the board, I frequently find myself put off by the gimmicks and bells and whistles that I tend to associate with Benefit Cosmetics. However their new product, Fakeup Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer, seems an exception to the rule with girly but sophisticated packaging and a brilliant idea to bolster the buzz surrounding its release.

Much like hydrating lipsticks or the Clarins Crystal Lip Balms that feature a core of pigment surrounded by a hydrating exterior, Benefit's Fakeup offers the coverage of a smooth pigmented concealer within an intensely hydrating balm suitable for the under eye area. Benefit quite simply promises: "This crease-control hydrating concealer [...] hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look." Benefit's Fakeup unquestionably delivers!

I was surprised at just how creamy the hydrating exterior of Benefit's Fakeup really is. Swatched in the light without any blending, the moisturizing balm is quite evident on either side of the pigmented line of concealer. When I first applied this product I was astonished at how emollient it is. With the exception of the traditional concealer color, I almost had the impression I was applying lip balm to my under eye area!

Though Benefit recommends that the stick be swiped right under the eyes and then blended gently with the ring finger, I find that this causes some unevenness on the tube of product. I prefer rubbing my ring finger in small circles on the top of the concealer to get an equal mix of the concealing core and hydrating balm. You'll have the feeling you haven't blended enough when you pat this on, but rest assured the emollient balm just takes a bit longer to dry down than a traditional cream concealer.

For me the true test of a concealer's ability to stay smooth and crease free is time. Almost all concealers look smooth on my skin immediately following application, but thanks to my dry skin within an hour or two I'll know if I'd be interested in using a product again. Benefit Fakeup more than exceeded my expectations. Though it feels almost too moisturizing immediately following application, it becomes slightly less emollient once it sets and the pigmentation lasts throughout the day. At the end of the first full day I wore Fakeup prior to removing my makeup I remember thinking that my under eyes didn't look like I was wearing makeup at all ... they just looked like my under eyes (albeit a bit less circled with blue than usual)! 

Due to the emollient texture and incredible creamy pigmentation of Benefit's Fakeup Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer this product is bound to fly off shelves. From dry skinned gals, to more mature women concerned about product settling into fine lines this is bound to be a new go-to.

Have you tried Benefit's Fakeup Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer?